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      The Pride of Being a Beekeeper, a Creator, and an Artisan

      The Pride of Being a Beekeeper, a Creator, and an Artisan

      From the flower to the final product, our beekeepers do everything with soul. We make, in-house, 90% of our ingredients for our products, and create our own recipes in an open and collaborative spirit. ...

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      Our Bees Work For Your Good Health

      Our Bees Work For Your Good Health

      Ballot-Flurin guarantees the most natural ingredients and fabrication possible. Our honey, propolis, pollen and Apitherapy and Api’cosmetics products are 100% organic and GMO-free. We work for a responsible human economy....

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      Dynamic Production

      Dynamic Production

      Each of our preparations are unique : extensively and carefully produced by expert beekeepers over a long timeframe, much like a good wine. This preserves the secret, natural forces inside each ingredient. Discover their unique powers....

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      Pioneer In French Organic Beekeeping

      As an expert in natural healthcare products and founder of ‘Apiculture DOUCE®’ (GENTLE beekeeping), Ballot-Flurin has been involved in producing honey and bee products in ways that are eco- and bee-friendly since 1977.
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