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      Our natural preparations based on organic propolis have a powerful purifying effect while respecting the oral flora. Keep a beautiful smile and a fresh breath with natural and respectful ingredients.

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      • Gingival Massage Paste
        Cleanses gums and interdental spaces.

        Purification of sensitive gums thanks to the antibacterial properties of black propolis which reduces the signs of gingivitis (redness, bleeding) and cleanses the interdental spaces. This formula provides an effective and soft massage, with its natural cleaning and polishing agents which loosen the dental plaque with a non-aggressive mechanical action.

      • Mouthwash with White Propolis Microbubbles
        Sensitive gums - Fresh Breath
        This high protection mouthwash spray is rich in antioxidant white propolis (50%) and purifying local plants. The foaming microbubbles enhance the effect of the natural ingredients.This new mouthwash is alcohol-free, fluoride-free, non-toxic (no paraben) and sustainable. Suitable for children over 36 months. Economical, 125 sprays.
      • Smile Spray - Alcohol-free

        Our organic and alcohol-free Smile Spray purifies breath and clears the throat. It is ideal for speakers, salespeople, singers, smokers, etc. Refresh your mouth with all natural and gentle products: rediscover pleasant breath and a cleared throat with our exclusive balancing and energetic isotonic preparation. Very practical and discreet, you can easily take it everywhere with you and use in any situation thanks to its spray nozzle. The Smile Spray protects against strong odours: tobacco, coffee, garlic, cheeses, spices, etc.

      • Smile Toothpaste
        Natural whiteness - Fresh Breath
        Our preparation combines shine, dental health and fresh breath in this toothpaste. The mild polishing of natural calcium carbonate respects the tooth enamel and helps to remove stains (tea, coffee, tobacco ...). The local black propolis with its purifying action revitalises and heals your gums. The 3 plants of our regions give a natural breath and soothe gums.

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