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      Beez'nergy RAWBAR +



      Raw energising bar with seeds, honey and propolis for sportsperson to be taken before and during the effort.

      2.44 EUR


      Gain in immediate energy through the first raw bar with honey and pollen.

      Real mass of energy : A special sport nutrition "organic-addict" recipe with raw honey and carefully selected super-food.

      Quality of the raw materials : 100% of the beekeeping raw materials are obtained and checked according to our fair and local Gentle Beekeeping® charter.

      Acacia honey and polyfloral pollen : Dynamism and performance stem from the energy of our bees raised with love. Easily assimilated.

      Date paste : Highly concentrated in carbohydrates, the date paste with high energy content is perfect for intense sport activities.

      Sunflower, sesame and flax seeds : Naturally overflow with good nutrients (omega-3, fibres, minerals, proteins) for a better qualitative and quantitative energy production.

      Alive food : Slowly dehydrated at 42°C maximum in order to preserve the nutrients of the ingredients.

      Nutrition facts 

      Average nutritional values for 100g / 30g :

      Energy : 2104 kj - 505 kcal / 632 kj / 151 kcal  
      Fat including : 32 g / 9,6g
      Saturated fatty acids : 3,8g / 1,14g
      Carbohydrates including : 39g / 11,7g 
      Sugar : 38g / 11,4g
      Fibres : 6,1g / 1,8g
      Salt : 40 mg / 12 mg



      Enriched in high-quality organic ingredients from regional territories : dates*, sunflower seeds* (30%), sesame seeds* (14%), flax seeds* (10%), honey* (4%), pollen* (2%), antioxydant : ascorbic acid. *ingredients from organic farming. Should be kept in a dry place at room temperature. Does not contain gluten and lactose. Naturally rich in plant proteins. 30 g bar

      Suggested use

      Small and handy, it is easy to carry around, everywhere you go ! Its packaging enables a good preservation. Particularly suitable for children’s snack or before and during exercise, when you feel peckish or tired all of a sudden.

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