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      The Benefits of Apitherapy



      Available in French!

      This guide is a veritable encyclopaedia to specialise in energetic Apitherapy and its concepts. Catherine Ballot Flurin, beekeeper and founder of Ballot-Flurin delivers her experience, expertise and secrets on the benefits of the five forces from the hive: honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, as well as bee venom.


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      This guide explains how to use the products of the hive for the entire family and enjoy their benefits on a daily basis. It is a tool of discovery and introduction to apitherapy. You will find recipes as well as hygiene, beauty and health preparations.
      Written by Catherine Ballot-Flurin herself, a pioneer of organic beekeeping, this book is a wonderful invitation to learn about the five forces of the beehive (honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, venom).
      All the riches of the beehive to improve your well-being.
      • The fundamentals of health by bees, apitherapy
        • The first approach of apitherapy
        • The origin of the products in the hive and their meaning for bees
        • The twelve Hive Elixirs
      • Apitherapy recipes
        • Healthy eating
        • Hygiene, beauty, detoxification
        • Prevention and health care preparations

      L'apithérapie, bienfaits des produits de la ruche, by Catherine Ballot-Flurin
      Eyrolles Edition
      Eyrolles Pratique Collection
      152 pages, 2013

      The Author

      Catherine Flurin has dedicated her professional life to the bees and the treasures of the hive. She designs and makes health and beauty preparations from the treasures of the hive. Pioneer of organic beekeeping in 1977, she created the Apicosmetic products and hive elixirs with inspiration from the bees. Member of the Association Francophone d'Apithérapie, International lecturer and teacher, and Catherine Ballot-Flurin is the founder and manager of Ballot-Flurin Beekeepers.


      Bees know how to make propolis, an exceptional antibiotic that protects the hive from attacks from pathogens. This remarkable world of the beehive has existed for over a 100 million years. During this time bees have developed an extraordinary "vibratory" sense that enables them, among other things, to detect the slightest change in human emotions. Ancient peoples regarded bees as sacred, intuitively recognising their invaluable role in maintaining biodiversity, and learning how to benefit from the incredible powers of the treasures of the beehive to preserve health, hygiene, and beauty. Today, science is becoming aware of the threats to the survival of bees and is honouring the benefits of Apitherapy, the ancient medicine of the beehive. This book provides an introduction to energetic apitherapy, which develops the subtle emotional qualities of beehive products, and advocates a revolutionary form of GENTLE beekeeping, which is based on the language of bees and seeks to maintain the common well-being of the hive, humans, and the environment. Last but not least, the book is full of easy, natural recipes for preparations around the home, to help deal with everyday injuries and ailments, and to promote both inner and outer beauty.

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