When foraging bees leave, they fly over a broad area and there is no signs for which fields they should avoid. Therefore, how can we find out where they went? By analysing the particules of pollen that the honey contains.

As a matter of fact, the bees return to the hive with their crop full of nectar and their coat covered with the pollen collected from the flowers they have visited. Some of these particules will be present in the honey and the analysis of the pollen will accurately determine the origin of the honey.

This is why we place our hives in preserved areas, the further away from cultivated lands, in order to obtain non contaminated honeys. This requirement also stands for gentle beekeepers that practice Gentle Beekeeping (Apiculture Douce®).

In order to avoid any doubt, the honey that goes through our laboratory, without exception is analysed : the pollen analysis, will tell us, with certainty, the origin of the honey but will also guarantee that our honey is free from pesticides and pollen that may come from GMO’s.

As for the « microbiological purity », resulting from careful and caring practices, it complies with the European Pharmacopoeia.


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