The Healing Balm with purified organic propolis

Inspired by a traditional recipe, Ballot-Flurin's Pyrénées healing balm is a product you must carry around with you at all times - especially in winter. Thanks to its organic formula, assets from the hive that have been extracted according to the principles of gentle beekeeping, carefully selected essential oils, it can be used both as skin repair and as comforting for small daily issues. This balsamic formula is great for relieving aches, damaged skin, stuffy nose, minor irritations... Nothing will resist this wonderful care !

Its little secrets

The ultra fine beeswax base, sesame oil andvegetable glycerin nourish your skin. The concentrated black propolis (5%) regenerates skin and damaged lips thanks to its natural antimicrobial properties. The lavander essential oil soothes, the mimosa tenuiflora regenerates, and the Peruvian Balm relaxes (anti-stiffness for muscles aches).


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