Noble beekeeping materials and rich in active principles

Bienfaits Miel, pollen, propolis et gelée royale pour les cheveux

Our organic apiarian materials from Gentle Beekeeping (Apiculture DOUCE®) are made by our bees that are taken care of with love. This is how our “Apicosmetic” and “Bees & Health” preparations have tremendous properties and are highly concentrated in active ingredients.

These precious apiarian tresors are the first stage in a series of natural transformations performed by hand in our honey-laboratory. Long maceration and manual bracing preserve the subtle energy and vibrational forces of the treasures of the hive.

What are their benefits for our hair ?

bienfaits du miel bio de france

Honey nourishes.

Honey is invigorating, increases density, lengthens, and smoothens your hair. Therefore we can say that the hair will be healthier, more lively and voluminous. However, this is not the artifact of a mineral or chemical sheathing but thanks to the health and strength of the hair itself.

  • Gentle honey shampoo: Extremely rich in organic season honey, (30.3%), this authentic beauty shampoo gives your hair shine, volume and vitality.


shampoing propolis bio

Propolis purifies.

Propolis cleanses the scalp and hair follicles by restoring a favorable environment for the hair. Black propolis has a direct action on the micro-organisms responsible for your hair and scalp problems.

  • Propolis Shampoo: This shampoo offers a re-balancing action and enhances regular sebum secretion. Recommended for people who have dandruff or an itchy scalp. 

bienfaits du pollen pour la repousse des cheveux

Pollen stimulates the growth of hair.

Pollen encourages the growth of hair and nails. Hand potted following harvest, Ballot-Flurin’s fresh polyfloral pollen is adequate to maintain and strengthen your vitality. Its virtues are optimal.

What our bees recommend: apply our Miel de Cure® Honey & fresh polyfloral pollen as a hair mask.

gelée royale france - biologique 

Royal Jelly slows down cellular aging.

Royal Jelly is one of the richest substances that can be found in nature. It contains a variety of active ingredients and vitamin concentrates, especially group B, including pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 which helps cell oxygenation.

Thorough action program: Hair growth



Oral application:
 Mix half a teaspoon of the Miel de Cure® Honey & fresh polyfloral pollen and half a teaspoon of  the Miel de Cure® Honey & potentised royal jelly preparation in a glass of water. To be taken one hour before meals, twice a day.

This mixture is refreshing, invigorating and delightful and provides your body with all the necessary micronutrients from the metabolism of bees. You can continue this cure for two months at a time with a one month break before resuming.

Local use:
 In the evening, apply a teaspoon of the Miel de Cure® Honey & propolis preparation using a small spatula. With your fingers, insist on the most bald areas and the hairline. Puis avec les doigts, insistez bien sur les zones les plus dégarnies et sur la racine des cheveux. Leave for an hour, then rinse.

The purpose is to nourish the bulb of the hair. We recommend to cut your hair short in order to intensify the action at a local level. After a month, replace the Miel de Cure® Honey & propolis preparation with the Miel de Cure® Honey & potentised royal jelly preparation (apply in the same way).

The specific pH of honey (5.2), folic acid, anti-infective and hormonal factors will act synergistically to revitalise your hair metabolism.

When the hair begins to grow and it becomes difficult to apply the honey, then refer to the simplified program described in Catherine Flurin’s book "Les Bienfaits de l’Apithérapie" (Ed. Eyrolles).


Hair loss: Energetic Apitherapy

Ever since the day bees inspired Catherine to create the 12 Hive Elixirs (Élixirs de la Ruche), energetic apitherapy was born at Ballot-Flurin. For people with hair loss Catherine recommends the Faceted eye Elixir.

Elixir de la ruche pour les cheveux - soin beauté bio

Hair loss can result from problems related to energy access. We live in connection with the earth, the stars and all the systems that surround us. If we have a shortage of communication with what embraces us, we may feel isolated and this may cause hair loss.

Apply a few drops and massage into the scalp. Can be regularly renewed as 5-day treatments.


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