Ballot-Flurin’s preparations for a complete beauty treatment

All preparations are directly from Ballot-Flurin’s hives where bees live in harmony, protected by our gentle beekeepers in preserved micro-terroirs. Ballot-Flurin apicosmetics bring you the best of Apitherapy, an inner well-being in perfect harmony with nature.

We make use of three preparations from the hive: organic Acacia honey with smoothing and rejuvenating qualities, exfoliating and stimulating energised polyfloral pollen and our Pyrénées healing balm that repairs and nourishes your skin.

We recommend that you wash your hands with our soothing black propolis soap before starting the treatment.

A healthy environment for absolute relaxation

To fully enjoy the benefits of our care, it is important to be in a clean, quiet place without electromagnetic interference. Then, on a small table, place to reach all the preparations of the hive and utensils you will need.

Energise your environment by pouring a few drops of the Hive breathing air Elixir in the corners to purify the room.

At this stage you should relax, your feet should be flat on the floor and your shoulders and arms relaxed. Breathe peacefully, close your eyes and focus on the present moment and the preparation in progress.

You can start the honey hand care.

The 2 capital steps of Ballot-Flurin’s hand care

1. Honey and Pollen scrub

Mix 1-2 teaspoons of pollen with 2 teaspoons of honey. Once these beekeeping materials have blended properly, gently apply the mixture on your nails, spread it on your hands and massage for a few moments. Leave on your hands for 2 minutes.

Activate the pollen assets by massaging grains on fingertips

bienfaits-miel-cosmetique-bio-pollen     bienfaits-miel-pollen-cosmetique-bio-france

2. The Pyrénées hand massage

Rich in black propolis, beeswax and medicinal plants, our balsam repairs and generously nourishes your skin. Apply the balsam on your hands and massage delicately for 10 minutes.


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