Its history:

In the Maya country in the Yucatan Peninsula, a secret is well kept. The secret of a stingless peaceful bee with blue eyes, living in the heart of the rainforest: the Melipona bee.

Sacred to the Mayans, these bees play an essential role in their cosmogony and their daily lives, to the point of attributing to honey "taste of heaven." Kept by some local Mayan communities, the ancestral knowledge of the breeding of bees melipona almost disappeared. Thanks to the Melipona Maya foundation , the rebirth of melipones beekeeping is now a reality.

Des abeilles melipone sans dardThis original honey from stingless bees differs from the honey from European bees. It is richer in water (27-34%), it has a very aromatic flavor and is used for many traditional beauty rituals from Central and South America. It is a rare and very expensive ingredient with exceptional moisturising, nourishing, regenerating and soothing properties.

Ballot-Flurin has tapped into this natural resource to create the prestigious range of MELIPONA? cosmetics.

Its benefits

MELIPONA® combines the valorition of a beekeeping heritage of exception *, the art of care in its most elaborate dimension and the pleasure of ultra effective cosmetics with refined textures.

Revitalising, protective and regenerative, MELIPONA® the range suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Glowing, rebalanced and purified skin, fight against the first signs of the time ...

The Melipona®, will make your beauty shine !

* 10% of the profits from your purchases of the MELIPONA® line are donated to the Melipona Maya foundation.

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Our MELIPONA® Apicosmetic beauty treatments


Radiant day cream

Soin Eclat du Jour- MELIPONA

Moisturising - Antioxydant
Face care - all skin types

This ultra natural alliance with a light and fresh texture which easily penetrates the layers of the epidermis, moisturises and protects from oxydative stress.

Enriched with wonderful moisturising and regenerating Melipona honey, French purifying and anti imperfection propolis and Broodcomb elixir, this energised MELIPONA® Radiant Day Cream face care formula rebalances the skin and emotions, revealing and sublimating the radiance of the face.

The bees' advice 

  • Recommendations for use : apply morning and/or evening on to the face and neck after cleasing. Ideal day cream.
  • Organic product, fragrance-free.
  • Tested under dermatological control.
  • Airless flacon with pump.

 Price : 34,90 € - 30 ml


Radiance serum in ampoules

Ampoules Sérum Eclat - MELIPONA

Instant brightening up - Smoothing
Face care

At any age, fatigue, stress, pollution can disrupt the skin, causing redness, imperfections, dull skin ...

Thanks to its unique combination of regenerating and toning Melipona honey and revitalising energised Faceted eye elixir, the MELIPONA® Radiance Serum in Ampoules gently and deeply penetrates into the skin.

An instant beautifying effect, gives blotchy complexions a morning wake-up call, and brings back sparkle to your face before a night out. Sustainably intensifies the vitality of the skin and leaves it refreshed, toned and radiant.

The bees' advice 

  • Recommendations for use : apply morning and/or evening to face, neck and cleavage after cleansing by light pressures to help penetrate. Particularly recommended during seasonal changes.
  • Fagrance-free.
  • Tested under dermatological control.

Price : 64,60 € - 10 ampoules x 2 ml


Early wrinkle face care

Soin Visage 1ère rides - MELIPONA

Moisturising - Smoothing
Face care

Combines Melipona honey with a powerful, moisturising and totally natural regenerative complex consisting of propolis, royal jelly, hive wood elixir and aloe veraw which strengthen and accelerate cell renewal, the smooth texture prevents  and corrects the appearance of expression lines.

Smooth, revitalised, firm and hydrated, the skin literally glows.

  The bees' advice

  • Recommendations for use : apply in light circular massage movements in the morning and/or evening to face and neck after cleansing.
  • Organic product, fragrance-free.
  • Tested under dermatological control.
  • Airless flacon with pump.

 Price : 39,90 € - 30 ml


Hand cream

Soin Visage 1ère rides - MELIPONA

Moisturising - Soothing

Skin is effected on a daily basis by the cold, sun, chemicals and hand skin which is extremely thin and devoid of sebaceous glands, particularly vulnerable, especially in dry or cold periods.


This ultra nourishing cream, designed for active and delicate hands, moisturises, soothes and protects fragile skin. The combination of Melipona honey, beeswax, French propolis and Broodcomb elixir makes this concentrated hand care an ally of damaged hands.

Thanks to the light and creamy texture of the MELIPONA® hand cream, the hands are naturally soft, perfectly refreshed and subtly scented.

The bees' advice 

  • Recommendations for use : apply in small quantities locally and repeat if necessary.
  • Organic product, fragrance-free.
  • Tested under dermatological control.
  • Tube

 Price : 18,90 € - 50 ml


Lip balm

Soin Visage 1ère rides - MELIPONA

Moisturising - Preventive

The lips are a fragile zone marked by time, fatigue or stress.

Ideal for waking up every morning with regenerated and soft lips, this MELIPONA® lip balm made from Melipona honey, operculum beeswax and royal jelly hive elixir, nourishes, soothes, repairs and protects on the long term.

The face recovers youth and energy, wrinkles are erased, hydrated and relaxed lips, embellished with a glossy finish, for a splendid smile.

 The bees' advice

  • Recommendations for use : generously apply the balm on the lips as often as required. le baume sur les lèvres aussi souvent que nécessaire.
  • Organic product, fragrance-free.
  • Tested under dermatological control.
  • Beveled lip applicator.

 Price : 17,20 € - 10 ml



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