hand. This authentic formulation protects assaulted fragile hands from domestic work, outdoor, urban pollution...

High concentration in white and black propolis (5%), local honey (5%) and ultra-fine beeswax, from our apiaries. Enriched with French mauve flower extract with moisturising and softening properties.

Baume Mains de Secours






Catherine Flurin recommends:

« Apply a small amount by gently massaging your hands. A dab is enough to relieve very dry and damaged hands.
Replicate as often as necessary. Also ideal for cold and harsh weather, leaves no greasy film on the skin and exudes a natural and pleasant scent. »






Our propolis is known to be one of the most active in the world with a guaranteed percentage of polyphenols, and has been the subject of scientific publications (in collaboration with the University of Angers). In addition, this balm was energised at all stages of its preparation.

  • Suitable for children over 36 months

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