The Elixirs have an action on our emotional sphere and well-being.

Each noble beekeeping material (royal jelly, pollen, propolis...) has its own vibrational frequency, which properly preserved and enhanced, enables to positively influence a specific mental or emotional state.

Therefore the 12 Hive Elixirs are the quintessence. They transmit all the wisdom and knowledge of bees, accompanying you in the way of deep balance.


Elixirs de la Ruche

This, first aid kit of the 12 Hive Elixirs 5ml including Catherine Flurin's book, beekeeper and founder of Ballot-Flurin, where she shares her experience and secrets about the benefits of Elixirs.

Benefits and actions of the Elixirs

Elixirs de la Ruche



Hive Wood :

Protection, succes, self-confidence
I feel stable and protected, I can progress with my projects and wishes.

Elixirs de la Ruche



Bee Venom :

Inner calm, self-esteem
I am serene and can face my past.
I accept myself and love myself as I am.

Elixirs de la Ruche



Brood Comb :

       Family harmony, childbirth
I feel at peace with my peace with my family and loved ones. I accept the giving of live.

Elixirs de la Ruche



Heaven's Dew :

Joys of living, youthful spirit
I feel joyful, open to others, and take the time to live life to the fullest.

Elixirs de la Ruche



Beewax Cake :

Conflit resolution, self-assertion
I express my point of view while maintaining respect for others and myself.

Elixirs de la Ruche



Pollen Basket :

Strength, courage and will-power
Je garde courage et persévérance dans mes objectifs. Les obstacles me font grandir.

Elixirs de la Ruche



Royal Jelly :

Ouverture aux autres et à soi-même
J'éprouve de la compassion et m'ouvre à la beauté
du monde. Je suis à l'écoute de mon corps.

Elixirs de la Ruche



Mating Flight :

Harmony in the couple
I contribute to the happiness of the relationship I am in. I am able to find my soul mate.

Elixirs de la Ruche



Danse of the Bees :

Communication and creativity
I give and I receive from others. I release my creative talents.

Elixirs de la Ruche



Bee's Wings :

Dreams and ambitions
I feel like I am growing wings. Free to live my life, I will excel myself.

Elixirs de la Ruche



Facetted Eye :

Intuition and perceptiveness
I listen to my intuitions and foresee what is good for me. I have confidence in myself.


Elixirs de la Ruche



Hive Breathing Air :

Hope et new life
I am enriched by my failures, I transcend ordeals and build a new life.


The Beehive Elixirs are distinguished from plant elixirs and homeopathy thanks to 3 assets :

  1. Closer and more biocompatible with humans : as members of the animal kingdom (Hymenoptera), bees are genetically closer to humans than plants are. Furthermore, the products of the beehive offer excellent bioavailability for humans.
  2. Energised at every stage and alcohol-free: may be used by children (over 36 months), and people with sensitive constitutions. Energised local spring water is used as the vehicle instead of alcohol to transmit information from the beehive ingredients. Exceptional energising from the beehives all the way to the manual preparation of the products. The beehive is in fact a vibration and energy of an exceptional intensity.
  3. Internal and external use : may be taken orally and by application on precise energy points ( solar plexus, stomach etc.)

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