Gel BeeznergyDrawing on its know-how in health and natural organic nutrition, Ballot-Flurin answers to the increasing demand of sportspersons concerned with obtaining a healthful dietary intake, of good quality and which avoid waste during sports events.


The new sport range Beez’nergy enriched in the 4 natural forces of our hives (raw honey, white propolis, polyfloral pollen, french royal jelly) and superfoods (Camu-Camu, Guarana…), includes two energetics gels for a mobile energy intake, available at any moment, highly digestible,  and without side effects such as "dry mouth".


Beez’nergy Gel+ Fast, for an immediate boost energy, suitable for sudden tiredness or during crucial moments (speeding up, crossing of a mountain pass...).


Beez’nergy Gel+ Endurance, to last the distance and maintain the performance during prolonged effort (Marathon, Trail, Triathlon…).


These are the first organic eco-boosters on the market. Each economical flask of 200 ml enables to quickly prepare the equivalent of 10 doses. A refillable eco-stick is available.
The core of the formula is composed of a balanced mix of organic raw honey and agave syrup, selected for their antioxidant attributes and a reduced glycemic index.
The natural electrolytes (Sel de Salies-de-Bearn) and the superfoods enable to fight the oxidative stress and optimize the muscle functioning.
The Beez’nergy Gel+ range is guaranteed gluten-free, lactose-free, without glucose syrup nor preservative, nor food colouring.


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