• Taking care of your hair

After summer hair is often delicate, the skin is fragile after those summer aggressions and they need nurturing.

- Our Gentle Honey Shampoo (30% grand Cru honey) will beautify and vitalize your hair as well as giving it volume. It will recover its natural shine.
- Our Propolis Shampoo (10% black propolis ) has a purifying action and revitalises. It's excellent to use for sensitive and irritated scalps and will naturally restore capillary equilibrium. This shampoo is a precious ally for mothers. We recommend it for children during school periods against parasites. It should be used in alternation with the Gentle Honey Shampoo.

  • Taking care of your skin, face and body

Created for all types of skin, the Rescue Cream with a biocomplex of Lime tree (Linden), black propolis and 9 other vegetal active ingredients (borage, sesame, sweet almond, jojoba, calendula, shea, centella, Aloe Vera as well as Rosemary oils). This cream provides hydration, soothing and protection from the sun, the wind, salt, chlorine...

  • Manage your stress

Stress is a natural phenomenon. A little amount of stress is beneficial, however when poorly managed it can be problematic. It is important to consider this accordingly as it can effect your immunity and moral.

So, how can you learn to handle your stress and anxiety in a natural way?

You will find a solution in honey and royal jelly. Bees have known for millions of years how to activate their collective intelligence in order to resolve problems and push stress away.

Our organic energised preparation allies the 4 forces of the hive: honey, royal jelly, pollen and propolis with rosehip, a medicinal plant recognised for its high content in vitamin C. This complex prepares for physical and intellectual activity. It stimulates memory and subtly acts on the emotional sphere. The ampoules are beneficent during the change of seasons or exam periods for instance. They are suited to the whole family and tired or stressed people.

  • Exercise regularly

Keeping your body in motion keeps your heart and vessels in good health while boosting your immune system.

Moreover, sports release endorphins: natural hormones that circulate a feeling of happinness, satisfaction and well-being.

To accompany you in your sport activities, discover our ultra-natural BEEZ'NERGY sports line. Our RAW BAR+ is ideal for small snacks or healthy children snacks. They are small and practical in their individual pouches you can carry around anywhere. Raw, gluten-free and lactose-free and very little sugar...  To discover quickly!

  • Prepare your body for winter

Throughout the summer, our body has stored a certain amount of  vitamin D thanks to the UV rays from the sun. Now that the holidays, for most, are over, we will be less exposed to the sun. Therefore, we need to provide these precious vitamins to our body by other means, that is through nutrition. There are many foods with a source of vitamin D like On trouve de nombreux aliments source de vitamine D in oil-rich fish (trout, salmon, herring...),also in their eggs and in royal jelly. Vitamin D is essential to the good functioning of the immune system.

  • Nourish your brain

Going back to school or back to work and getting back into your rythme can sometimes be difficult especially when the days get shorter... To avoid seasonal depression it is important to provide your brain with nutrients:

Prefer foods rich in magnesium such as Pollen.

Consume foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.
Royal jelly is a source of vitamin C and propolis is highly recognised for its antioxidant properties.

Discover our selection of health and beauty preparations for this « back to school and back to work » season.

Have a great season !


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