The international food exhibition took place from the 16th until the 20th October in Paris.  The show accounted for 7000 companies participating from 100 different countries. During this show, our sports range BEEZ'NERGY was selected for the Sud'Innov contest.

Ballot-Flurin is a family company, based in the heart of the Pyrénées. Ballot-Flurin's team embraces 39 employees. We have been around since 1977, Catherine Flurin our founder and Pioneer, activist beekeeper of organic and GENTLE beekeeping, militating for the respect of bees. She has created Ballot-Flurin with the vision of a very different future.
In these values, we put forward the respect of human, environment, bees and products. Catherine Flurin developed GENTLE beekeeping (apiculture DOUCE®) allowing us to obtain products full of life and a unique quality. This commitment translates into a range of health and well-being products in a constant growth and a team, sharing a common vision. Today our ultra innovating sports line (as well as our other products) is in total agreement with these commitments and comes to complete of our entire range of preparations.

BEEZ’NERGY SPORTS RANGE, the era of ultra-natural sport!

Sports nutrition is an emblematic subject. Therefore, we are looking to respond to a particular demand. Providing healthy and natural energy, without the use of colourants, aromas or additives. Our preparations are all the more efficient technical and tasty and strongly help to optimise the physical performance.

To fulfill to the maximum our future vision, we have created an eco-responsible format. Therefore, we sell the energy gel 200ml flasks and recommend to use it with a rechargeable stick. This way, no waste thrown away in nature! Being that, during races and trails, pollution is a significant problem. The stick allows to dose the quantity of the product correctly and does not oblige the sportswomen or sportsmen to use the whole product at once. It adapts perfectly to fit in your pocket.


We have put together two formulas as part of our sports range. One adapted to stimulate endurance and another for a source of fast energy:

  • ENDURANCE: in perfect symbiosis, the balanced glycemic complex composed of honey, agave syrup, (for a weak glycemic index) is enriched in nutrients thanks to the pollen, royal jelly and propolis. This antioxidant gel helps reduce fatigue, protecting cells from oxidative stress thanks to its natural vitamin C from Camu-Camu. Salies-de-Béarn salt electrolytes and peppermint essential oil complete our thirst-quenching formula, adapted to the endurance effort.
  • FAST: the immediate energy coming from the carbohydrate complex of acacia honey, chestnut and agave syrup is quickly available thanks to its moderate glycemic index, and perfectly balanced. The gel therefore allows an intense booster effect accentuated by the presence of caffeine from the guarana. BEEZ’NERGY GEL+ FAST is a combination combining the light taste of ginger, the nutrients of the products of the hive and the electrolytes from Salies-de-Béarn salt.

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