Join us on a weekend of exception and learn about the bees and beekeeping !

This will be the new link between the beekeeping of today and tommorow. Therefore, several steps are scheduled for a better training supervised by professionals during a practical and theoratical course. Depending in your needs you will be able to chose different levels of training throughout the entire year.
On the occasion of this oppening, Ballot-Flurin is offering an Apitherapy course January 20th till 22nd of 2017. As a result, you will be able to meet Apitherapeuthes and speackers recognised worldwide: Pédro Pérez Gomez, Catherine Flurin, Jean Nicolaÿ, Alberto Montoya, Philippe Moscato, Olivier Raud…

The purpose of the course is to better understand the message of the bees how to use this to feel good and strenghthened.

Consequently, many subjects will be raised :

-       The 17 products from the hive and the presence of bees.

-       How to transmit the energy of the bees.

-       Skin.

-       The principles of Apitherapy. The Hive Pharmacy.Daily essential treatments.

-       Nutrition and vitality. Domestic animals. Therapeutic honey.

-       THE CURES. Defences. Anti-tabacco. Teeth, mouth, gums, breath.

-       Hair, hands, nails. Wonderful skin.

-       Menopause. Digestives system. Circulation.

-       Suppleness. Invigorating vitality. Vitalité tonique. Slimming diet, elimination, draining.

-       Sleep.

-       Relaxing, active life or exams. Anti-ageing treatment, memory,vision, antioxydants.

-       Men : prostate, tonus, hair.

-       Babies, children.

This workshop and conference will be held in the Hautes-Pyrénées, on our premisses in Maubourguet and Lahitte-Toupière.

Take advantage of this exceptional week-end to join us and learn everything you need to know about Apitherapy.

Don't miss the opportunity to see Pedro Perez Gomez's conference on saturday January 21st at 2.00 pm : Bees and stings to heal ?

Call us now to reserve!

For further information, contact Philippe Monge Cadet : 

[email protected] | 06 48 03 39 80

Yoga of the Bees Product Manager / GENTLE beekeeping (Apiculture DOUCE®).


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