We have good news for parents: we have finally found a solution to help your child sleep better (and to help you sleep better too)! We are proud to present our new sleep syrup.

Who has never been confronted with this stressful situation where children have trouble going to sleep, or whose sleep is regularly disturbed or agitated? As a parent, it is not always easy to deal with these delicate moments. Particularly while a child's sleep is so important, capital for its growth, but also physical and intellectual development! This is why Ballot-Flurin's sleep syrup comes to use.

Noteworthy, a child who does not sleep also means a parent who does not sleep! This can be troubling for your sleep cycle. It might very well generate irritability, a lack of patience, drop in energy and vitality.

Sleep is a key factor to good health, for your child and yourself.

Aware of this, the beekeeper parents from Ballot-Flurin have sought in the benefits of the hive, in the family grimoires, and have created the ideal remedy!  All the benefits of the ingredients originating from their organic apiary and their gardens combined in this wonderful "Good night's sleep with the moon" syrup.

This homemade artisanal sleep syrup is rich in natural active principals, without additives. It reduces nervousness facilitates falling asleep.

Its gentle and soothing formula has been made with love and has a delicious and fruity taste, and is very much enjoyed.

We have created this sleep syrup with a high concentration of active ingredients. 100% organic and 100% natural ingredients. Therefore, giving it a very gentle but efficient action. Made with all natural products and evidently no worries of dependency. We also recommend the "Good night's sleep with the moon" syrup for adults and sensitive persons. 

We make our preparation in France, the Hautes-Pyrénées surrounded by happy bees. Guaranteed without gluten, emulsifying, thickening, preservatives and artificial aromas.

Ballot-Flurin has put together this wonderful preparation, the"Good night's sleep with the moon" with qualitative ingredients: 

  • The lime tree (Linden) and poppy tincture which are both recognised to reduce nervousness and facilitate sleep and restorative rest.
  •  Wheat syrup (which does not contain gluten),  verbena and orange blossom hydrates, vanilla extract, sweet orange essential oils and Ballot-Flurin hive elixirs, recommended for their relaxing and soothing actions.

How to use the "Good night's sleep with the moon" syrup?

As beekeepers and parents, here are our recommendations: 

Mix the preparation a little to homogenise. Take 15 minutes before going to bed.

Children from 3-6: 1 teaspoon/day.

Over 6 years old: 2 teaspoons per taking, up to twice/day.

Adults: 2 teaspoons per taking, up to three times/day.

Did you know?

Bees disperse numerous energies and vibrations which are extremely beneficial for the human ! They instantly ease us.

Consequently, should you have the opportunity to rest and relax in an apiary close to hives, in a calm way, without aggressivity or disturbing external elements such as telephones, cars, machines... this will ease and relieve you.

However, if you do not have access to these privileged conditions, we provide a little of this beneficial information through our energised and products. All, full of information and good vibrations from the hive. Here is a concentrate of energy from the hive for your children and yourself.


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