Ballot-Flurin created a unique, holistic method to bring together humans and bees : Gentle beekeeping  (Apiculture Douce®).
This inspired a new practice: Bee Yoga (Yoga des Abeilles®), beneficial to everyone - young or old, healthy or sick.
Join us in this profound change to beekeeping culture, based on environmental responsibility and full respect of the ecosystem: the bees, their habitat, consumers, and the economic system.

Personal Method :

Stress and electromagnetics body discharge techniques.

Positive Material and Actions :

New approaches, «bee freedom» to harvest pollen, propolis, and honey without disturbing the bees. Polarised hives.

Results :

1) Hive visits and apiary work without smoke, protection clothes nor stings. No need to spend money on useless expensive accessories.
2) Better health in bee colonies, as they are less stressed, and the beekeeper can directly feel teir needs.
3) Better hive production (royal jelly, honey, propolis...).

Happy Bees = Happy Beekeepers = Healthy, Vibrant, Tasty Products


Straight Talk :

Gentle Beekeeping is a down to earth method based in science, the result of 40 years of research at Ballot-Flurin,
the apitherapy company of reference in France. We produce, develop and sell more than 1 million apitherapy products every year. Bees, Nature and Humans are connected together for enriched and healthy life.
Join us in this new era of beekeeping.



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