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Gentle Beekeeping & Bee Yoga : A new approach to wellness




Gentle Beekeeping & Bee Yoga : A new approach to wellness

Ballot-Flurin created a unique, holistic method to bring together humans and bees : Gentle beekeeping  (Apiculture Douce®). This inspired a new practice: Bee Yoga (Yoga des Abeilles®), beneficial to everyone - young or old, healthy or sick. Join us in this profound change to beekeeping culture, based on environmental responsibility and full respect of the ecosystem: the bees, their habitat, consumers, and the economic system. Personal Method : Stress and electromagnetics body discharge techniques. Positive Material and Actions : New approaches, «bee freedom» to harvest pollen, propolis, and honey without disturbing the bees. Polarised hives. Results : 1) Hive visits and apiary work without smoke, protection clothes nor stings. No need to spend money on useless expensive accessories. 2) Better...
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