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      • Sweet and surprising Buckwheat Honey

        Its smell and taste separates it from more banal honeys: intense hive, sour floral, and almost musky aromas, with malt and caramel flavors complexified by light herbaceous notes. If you have ever experienced real buckwheat honey, it is hard to...
      • Paleo Certification, the new Ballot-Flurin' commitment

        Ballot-Flurin Apiculteurs is a pioneer in low-impact beekeeping and apitherapy. Created by Catherine Flurin in 1982, it has been our mission for the last 30+ years to intertwine the well-being of bees, people, and the planet through our practices and...
      • Gentle Beekeeping & Bee Yoga : A new approach to wellness

        Ballot-Flurin created a unique, holistic method to bring together humans and bees : Gentle beekeeping  (Apiculture Douce®). This inspired a new practice: Bee Yoga (Yoga des Abeilles®), beneficial to everyone - young or old, healthy or sick. Join us in...
      • An exceptional weekend in the Hautes-Pyrénées

        Join us on a weekend of exception and learn about the bees and beekeeping ! This will be the new link between the beekeeping of today and tommorow. Therefore, several steps are scheduled for a better training supervised by professionals...
      • The bees and the pollination

        Bees are very precious insects that play a key role in the pollination.
      • Apimondia 2015

        Catherine Flurin will attend the APIMONDIA International Apicultural Congress 2015 to be held in Daejeon, South Korea, from 15th - 20th septembre 2015.

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