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      General terms of sale

      Seller’s identity: Ballot Flurin Apiculteurs S.A.S.
      Company with capital of 200 000,00 euros. Business registration no.: 388 150 906.
      Spa & shop: Le Pavillon des Abeilles, 23 bis, avenue du Mamelon Vert, 65110 Cauterets, France.
      Laboratory: La Miellerie - 61, chemin des Balas, 65700 Lahitte-Toupière, France.
      Office and shipping: 75, place Lagardère, 65700 Maubourguet, France.

      The General Terms and Conditions of Sale are provided to all purchasers. Placing an order implies full acceptance of the terms
      and conditions thereof.

      Order : Each initial order must be accompanied by bank account details. New orders will only be
      fulfilled if the purchaser is fully up-to-date with its obligations towards the seller. Any order changes or cancellation
      requested by the purchaser will only be taken into account if it has been received by the seller prior the dispatch of the

      Reservation of title : Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 1583 of the Civil Code, the products shall be owned by the seller
      under all circumstances up until payment in full by the purchaser in accordance with Act no. 67-563 of 12 May 1980.

      Delivery : The goods will be transported under the recipient’s liability, even if they are sent free of charge. Please check the
      quantities and condition of the products delivered. For all disputes or anomalies relating to the delivery, the purchaser and the
      recipient will be responsible for making detailing the concerns on the carrier’s delivery form in the carrier’s presence. Refrain
      from using the wording “subject to unpacking” which has no legal force. The recipient must notify the carrier by registered letter
      within 48 hours following the delivery and provide a copy to the seller of the carrier’s receipt, stating the concerns.
      The delivery costs will be undertaken by the recipient and will be invoiced in addition. Carriage-paid: For Metropolitan France, the
      recipient may be released from postage costs in accordance with the pricing terms and conditions and amount of its order. The
      costs shall consequently be undertaken by Ballot-Flurin.

      Preservation : Our products carry best before dates. Be sure that you rotate your stock (FIFO) and renew it frequently. Our
      products must be kept outside of sunlight in a dry and cool environment (optimum temperature 15°C - except for fresh products
      (pure royal jelly) which should be kept at temperatures between 0°C and 4°C). The purchaser has a compulsory time limit of
      eight days following the delivery of any order to notify the seller regarding any complaint and he will be responsible for providing
      any proof relating to the existence of these findings.
      Any product return must be carried out with the seller’s prior written consent. The costs and liabilities for returns shall be
      exclusively borne by the purchaser. Any return accepted by the seller shall be subject to a credit note in aid of the purchaser or
      shall be replaced by the seller to the exclusion of any compensation and damages.

      Availability : In view of the scarcity of biological products, the “wild” aspect of the honey harvest, and the complexity of laws
      and regulations, we cannot guarantee the permanent availability of our products. In the event of an order, which
      is partially or totally not filled, no compensation shall be granted to the seller.
      Prices: The products shall be sold at the applicable prices when the order is placed. They may be adjusted based on economic and tax
      situations. Customs duties or tax on deliveries outside France are the responsibility of the purchaser.

      1/ A basic rate for traders registered with the Trade and Companies Register: the sale of Ballot-Flurin products is intended for traders specialising in biological products, dietary food and naturopathy, cosmetics, and health. All new traders must be approved by Ballot-Flurin. The trader
      must order complete batches based on the basic rates.

      2/ A wholesale price targeted at distribution professionals for the aforementioned clients: Any new wholesaler must commit to Ballot-Flurin’s commercial policy. Orders must be placed for at least a thousand euros (€1,000) and the wholesaler must make complete orders with predefined rates.

      3/ A detailed rate for individuals who obtain supplies directly from our stores.

      Payment terms : The total amount of the order for individuals in France and abroad by cheque or credit card. For professionals
      ◆ in France: by magnetic LCR directly deposited by bank transfer within 30 clear days. A 2% discount will be applied for
      payment in cash.

      ◆ Outside of Metropolitan France (Overseas departments and territories), any order must be accompanied by
      a fixed down payment representing half of the value and the remaining balance must be paid within 15 days following receipt of
      the goods.

      ◆ Abroad (outside Overseas departments and territories), payment in cash in Euros for each order. A 2% discount
      will be applied for payment in cash.
      Any amount unpaid by any client, whether an individual or a professional, on the set due date shall automatically give rise,
      subject to no prior notice, as an exception to Article 1153 of the Civil Code, to the payment of late payment interest at a rate at
      least equal to three times the statutory interest rate. Such interest shall commence on the due date up until payment. The
      purchaser shall pay all costs incurred as a result of collection proceedings.
      For any late payment, in the event of absence to respond or perform, further to the seller’s reminders, the latter may suspend
      all orders in progress for any client, whether individuals or professionals, without prejudice to any other legal remedies.
      All sales concluded by Ballot-Flurin shall be governed by French law and any dispute shall be exclusively referred to the Tarbes
      Court (France).