Boost Cure : Exam Time

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Exams, studies, deadlines, competitions...

This Boost Cure, made from dynamized, organic, French royal jelly and Hive Elixir®, prepares you physically and psychologically to succeed during stressful periods pour vous préparer à passer cette période exigeante psychiquement et physiquement.

42.62 EUR

A Total Boost!

• 1 box of dynamized French royal jelly ampules, for a 10 day cure (1 ampule per day) 

To reinforce the action of the royal jelly, we suggest:

• 1 box of 4 Forces of the Hive ampules: this preparation promotes energy and vitality. Ideal for an extra kick during the exam time!
Take 2 ampules per day (morning and midday) during this period.

And to finish, a little of our hive-based homeopath to recalibrate emotional well-being, in the form of these three Hive Elixirs®️:
• Pollen Basket Hive Elixir®: to stimulate force and will. Use : 2 drops per day for a week.
• Hive Wood Hive Elixir® : for good luck! Use: 2 drops per day the following week.
• Bee Venom Hive Elixir®: for calm and initiative. Use: to keep with you during the exams for a supplementary boost! When the need strikes, apply 2 drops on the neck. You can renew the application every 5 hours Quand le besoin s’en fait sentir, 2 gouttes sur la nuque. Vous pouvez renouveler l’application toutes les 5 heures.

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