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      Dodo Syrup with my friend the moon



      An artisanal, organic syrup for restful sleep and calm nerves.

      • 100% organic

      • Soft, soothing formula created specially for children

      10.87 EUR
      Apiculture DOUCE
      Logo bio européen
      Dès 36 mois
      Made in Hautes-Pyrénées
      Sans alcool

      Our beekeeping family has harvested plenty of good things from their hives and gardens to help out at bedtime.


      Made in the Hautes Pyrenees department of France, guaranteed without gluten, emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives, or artificial flavoring. A family recipe made with love. High end fabrication from happy bees. Also beneficial for adults and people with sensitivities


      This syrup is made following a biodynamic calendar, always during a waning moon to reinforce rest and calm. The moon influences sleep through melatonin levels, the sleep hormone, as its production is augmented during this particular lunar period. As well, it has been observed that sleep patterns are more disrupted during full moons (insomnia, early waking, etc.)*. Bedtime With My Friend The Moon Syrup contains linden tree honey, poppy tincture, and other plants known for their calming and sedentary effects. Soft, soothing formula with the real taste of honey, orange flower, and vanilla. Also useful for adults and people with sensitivities. * Swedish study on the subject: : Human sleep and cortical reactivity are influenced by lunar phase. , Association between lunar phase and sleep characteristics.


      Wheat syrup* 87%, linden tree honey* 10%, poppy tincture* 1,5% (eau de vie*, water, poppy flower*), verveine hydrolat*, orange blossom water*, vanilla extract*, sweet orange essential oil*, Hive Elixir® "Bee Venom”* (water, honey*, propolis*), Hive Elixir® "Couvain"* (water, royal jelly*, miel en rayon*, propolis*, pollen*), Alcohol 1,4%. Ingredients certified Organic Agriculture. Certified by FR-BIO-10. Ingredients 100% organic and delicious

      • Amber glass bottle 100 ml
      • Safe for children older than 36 months

      Conseil d'Apithérapie

      Retourner le flacon pour l’homogénéiser. Prendre 15 min avant le coucher.

      Enfants 3-6 : 1 cuillère à café/jour.
      Enfants +6ans : 1 cuillère à café par prise jusqu’a 2 fois par jour.
      Adultes : 2 cuillères à café par prise jusqu’à 3 fois par jour.

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