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      Slenderness & Healthness program

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      Eliminate naturally Fats & Toxins

      Product Description

      1 - Potentised polyfloral pollen (1 jar 240g):
      From a large floral diversity, born in local preserved biotopes, It naturally regulates intestinal transit and balances flora. Its Yang properties contribute to masculine strength.

      2 - Propolis digestive tract caps ( 1 jar of 80 caps): For a healthy and sustainable vitality, pamper your digestive tract. French propolis enriched with organic caroub, purifying and regulating, facilitate drainage and elimination and promotes the balance of intestinal flora.

      3 - Acacia Honey from South-West (1 jar of 500g): Harvested in South-West, Acacia honey is mainly liquid.
      Very rich in fructose, it's the best indicated to all those who want to reduce their sugar consumption. it limit apetite and facilitate good milk products digestion. Sweet and melting flavour.


      Pollen Polyfloral Dynamisé : Pollen issu de l'agriculture biologique
      Propolis des Voies Digestives : Extrait sec de propolis * (kaolin, propolis purifiée), agent d'enrobage : gélatine de poisson*, caroube*
      Miel d'Acacia

      *Ingrédients issus de l’agriculture biologique. Certifié par FR-BIO-10.

      Suggested use

      10 days cure:

      For Breakfast: disolve 2 teaspoons of pollen in a glass of fruit juice.

      During the day, if necessary, take 1 or 2 teaspoons of acacia honey.

      For lunch: take a light and balanced meal, add 2 teaspoons of pollen.

      On the evening: take one soup and 2 teaspoons of pollen melted in 1 yogurt. Before each meal, take 2 propolis digestive tract caps.

      Drink a lot of water, do some physical exercices.

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