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      Purifying care - Skin relief

      Exyma® is a purifying water and soothing nomadic spray. Ideal for skins prone to atopic dermatitis, hypersensitivities and allergies or simply weakened by the sun, shaving, waxing, or after an intense effort. The spray soothes and relieves the sensation of itching for dry to very dry skins.

      13.23 EUR
      Apiculture DOUCE
      Logo cosmebio
      Format nomade
      Made in Hautes-Pyrénées


      Exyma® brightens the skin and its sublime natural odour with a discreet scent of honey and propolis. Your skin will be soothed and serene.

      Its assets: Organic and nomadic beauty treatment for delicate skin: body, face, extremities and personal hygiene. Free from alcohol, fragrance and essential oils. 

      Anti-itching spray:

      Ideal to avoid touching irritated skin, for optimal hygiene which creates a delicate and light film. Penetrates without the need to knead. Does not colour the skin and does not stain. Can also be used in prevention.

      99,9% alcohol-free propolis extract

      Our propolis is part of the most active and rich in the world, incredibly rich in polyphenols and antioxidants.

      Unique and rare: harvested pure by our beekeepers in respect to our Gentle beekeeping (Apiculture DOUCE®) charter. 

      Patent n°07 54648: virtues proved by the University of Angers*. 

      0,1% Heaven's Dew Elixir

      Created according to principles close to those of the Dr Bach to act on stress and high emotional factors which have an effect on the skin. 

      Energised Ballot-Flurin® water

      A vitalising water from a local source at the bottom of the Pyrénées. This spring water contributes to reducing inflammation, soothing and softening the skin and has been energised by our means, and measured by Vincent's Bio-electronics.

      *Scientific publications: "Antioxidant and anti-AGE (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) composition and activity of Ballot-Flurin Propolis extracts", "Antifungal and Antibacterial Metabolites from a French Poplar Type Propolis" by S. Boisard, A-M Le Ray, AL. 2014-2015. 

      An exceptional quality:

      • Artisanal preparation, with the products of our bees that are taken care of with love.
      • 100% organic raw beekeeping materials from beehives located in local micro-regions, transformed on site in the countryside in our honey laboratory.
      • Energised preparation with gentle, non-polluting and respectful harvesting and production methods.  


      Composition: Aqueous extract of white propolis (water, propolis*) 99.9%, Heaven's Dew Beehive Elixir - Elixir de la Ruche® Sueur du Ciel (energised local spring water and fresh honey*).


      *Organically sourced ingredients



      100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin, 99.90 % of which are products of organic farming.

      Controlled manufacturing process. Characteristics certified by BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION 92046 PARIS LA DEFENSE. According to the I.305 organic and ecological cosmetics standard available on

      No petrochemical derivatives nor synthetic additives. Naturally scent by the ingredients. Not tested on animals.

      Free from parabens, alcohol and fragrance.

      50 ml - Spray


      Exyma® was designed for the face, neck, cleavage, chest, underarms. We also recommend to use it for intimate hygiene (sweating, hygiene, menstrual periods), sweaty palms and feet.

      Spray on clean skin (face and body).

      1. Spray once or twice a day on your face or sensitive areas.
      2. Allow to air dry or gently dab with a compress. Do not rub.

      It is suggested to test a small skin area and wait 24 hours. Stop use if your skin reacts. 


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