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      Innocent Facial Mask



      Complete Detoxifying Mask - Face and neck.

      Provide your face with the care it deserves to recover its original pureness and a great softness: the Beekeeper has created for you a powerful synergy of black honey and propolis from the mountains. Meant for the local skin defects and the oily and problem skin, this detoxifying mask will purify and soften your face providing it a great luminosity.

      Enrich with Elixir "Hive breathing air," it acts positively on emotions helping to purify it.

      Leaves the skin with a fine and gentle feel. Easy application, face neck & cleavage. 

      18.93 EUR
      Apiculture DOUCE
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      100% d'actifs naturels
      Cuillère à miel

      Product Description

      An exceptional quality

      • Artisanal production originating from our bees kept with love
      • 100% organic beekeeping substances, originating from our beehives in local micro-terroirs, transformed on site in the countryside in our apiary-laboratory
      • Energised preparation originating from 'gentle' harvesting and production methods, non-polluting and respectful of the ingredients 
      • Resulting from apicosmétique® research.
      Local fair trade with independent beekeepers. Exempt from parabens, PEG, phenoxyethanol, or synthesis additives. Natural scent and colour from the ingredients. No animal testing


      Ingredients : black oak honey*, black propolis extract*, Hive elixir® Hive breathing air (potentised spring water, beeswax*, honey*, pollen*, propolis*). INGREDIENTS : MEL*, ALCOHOL*, PROPOLIS*, AQUA, CERA ALBA*, POLLEN*.
      *Organically sourced ingredients.

      100% of all the ingredients are of natural origin, with 99,90% organically grown. Controlled production method. Characteristics certified by BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION 92046 PARIS LA DÉFENSE. According to reference I.305:

      Organic and ecologic cosmetic products available from

      30 ml, comes with a wooden spatula. Tested under dermatological control. Imprim'vert packaging.  

      Suggested use

      In the evening, on a cleaned skin, clear your hair from your face and apply the mask on the face and the wanted areas with a fine layer. Use the bee spatula and avoid the eyes contour. Leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with clear water. Let the skin breathe all night long.
      Recommended twice a month. Also suitable for men and teens.  

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