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      Honey and Herb Infusion for Sleep



      Find a truly relaxing sleep with our delicious and all natural preparation of honey and herbs. Infusion of raw linden tree honey and lemon balm tincture, to dilute and drink in hot water.

      10.28 EUR
      Matières apicoles 100% BIO
      Made in France
      Apiculture douce®

      Additional Information

      A Healthy, Pleasant, Natural Cure

      An organic preparation straight from the countryside. Gluten free, no artificial flavors or chemical additives.

      Gentle Fabrication from Happy Bees

      Made and packaged in our Bee Factory in the French Pyrenees. Energized at every step, surrounded by happy bees.

      100% Organic Ingredients

      Raw linden tree honey harvested by our Gentle Beekeepers, four plants from our beautiful region (lemon balm, camomile, linden tree, and marjoram), two hive elixirs for 100% natural active ingredients!
      > Linden tree honey, camomile, and marjoram are known for their soothing and relaxing effects.
      > Lemon balm helps increase the quality of sleep, lowering tension and irritability before bed.
      > The bee venom and hive wood elixirs act on your mental state and help find your interior calm.

      9 uses per jar


      linden tree honey* 94.8%, lemon balm tincture *3% (cognac*, water, lemon balm leaves*), camomile hydrolate*, linden tree bud glycerine extract*, Bee venom Elixir*, marjoram essential oil*, Hive Wood Elixir*( water, propolis*). Alc.2.9% vol.
      *organic certified ingredients

      Gluten free, no artificial aromas or chemical additives.

      125g jars


      Suggested Use

      Dilute two teaspoons in hot water, drink slowly while still warm for best results.
      The use of this preparation is not suggested for children or pregnant women. In these cases, we suggest our syrup «Dodo avec mon amie la lune».

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