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      The 12 Hive Elixirs (5ml) - Complete Elixir Kit & Book

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      The epitome of knowledge of the hive. They transmit all the wisdom and knowledge of bees, accompanying you on the path to deeper balance. Confidence, dreams to fulfill, emotional life, inner calm, reaching your goals...

      Certifiée BIO
      Fabriqué en France
      Apiculture douce®


      The wonderful Hive Elixirs

      Happiness depends on you
      An obvious fact: a genuine and lasting well-being depends primarily on our emotions and our mind. However, modern life leads us very often in constant stress that disturbs our inner balance and our relational harmony. Conflicts with loved ones, the thwarted ambitions, and diseases are then never far away ...

      The wisdom of the bees is within you
      The 12 Hive Elixirs are the epitome of knowledge of the hive. They transmit all the wisdom and knowledge of bees, accompanying you on the path to deeper balance. Confidence, dreams to fulfill, emotional life, inner calm, each of them operating a subtle energy harmonisation, which helps you fulfill yourself to your full potential. We can use them from time to time to act on a specific emotional state, or as a cure for a long-lasting effect.

      Energetic Apitherapy

      Body/spirit balance
      Energy apitherapy is the branch of apitherapy who cares about our well-being inside. Each noble beekeeping material (royal jelly, pollen, propolis ...) has its own vibrational frequency, and when it is properly preserved and enhanced, enables positive influence on a specific mental or emotional state.

      How to use my elixirs

      Always keep your elixir at reach in case on sudden need.
      5 day cure : allow to dissolve under the tongue morning and evening.
      For an enhanced effect, also apply 4 drops on the neck and along the column. Continue the cure if necessary.

      In the event of severe stress or emotion : apply every 5 hours, up to five drops at a time.


      Internal & external use. 
      Suitable for children over 36 months. 
      Compatible with any other medication or treatment.

      Without alcohol, organic certification. Sourced and made in France.

      How do our Hive Elixirs work ?

      Our emotions depend on messages we receive and emit. When you choose to use the 12 Hive Elixirs,  you must select the best message from the bees for your emotional balance. Every molecule of a beehive product sends a particular message to a neutral matter : water, which keeps in memory and transmits information. Elixirs enhance physical efficiency of Bee & Health preparations.
      Find out more about the Hive Elixirs

      Studies and proof

      As far as we know we are the only ones to have carried out a comprehensive scientific study on marketed energetic elixirs, in three parts:

        1. Quality of the vibratory rate: the utmost vibratory vitality of our elixirs has been confirmed by the sensitive crystallisation tests, submitted to an independent laboratory*: the photo-tests below of the Bee Venom Elixir show all the organisation strengths which express through the harmony of the image achieved.
          *Analysis method of the living enabling the visualisation and study of the vibratory and energetic strengths of a food ingredient. Tests carried out by the «Atelier de Cristallisation Sensible" MF Tesson.
        2. Crystallography and skin tolerance tests
        3. Sensory tests: Validating the positive emotional action of the elixirs. More than 800 tests carried out under great panel and pharmaceutical control.
      Proof of its reliability: The exclusive development method of the Hive Elixirs has been registered (Patent Ballot-Flurin n° 06 51412).

      Which Elixir should you choose ?


      Trust yourself

      Choose an elixir that suits your emotional state of the moment. You can combine 2-3 elixirs if you feel the need, and always according to your feelings.

      Recommendations for use

      5 days is sufficient in the mojority of cases. Take 4 to 6 drops once or twice a day (see the label for each elixir), and allow to dissolve under the tongue. In the event of intense emotions, apply every hour. 

      Each phial (5ml) is intended for a use of 10 days in accordance with the directions on the box. The Hive breathing air elixir is the only elixir that should be used exclusively by means of inhalation or diffusion.

      En complément, place 2 or 3 drops of pure elixir in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and apply the elixir to the part of the body shown on each elixir (solar plexus, back of the neck etc.). You can also mix the elixirs beneficial for your skin (see labels) with organic massage oil or the Rescue cream, for a prolonged local massage (a few drops of elixir are sufficient).

      Composition of the kit

      Bees' Wings Elixir (5ml)
      • Hive Wood Elixir (5ml)
      • Brood Comb Elixir (5ml)
      • Dance of the bees Elixir (5ml)
      • Royal Jelly Elixir (5ml)
      • Beeswax Cake Elixir (5ml)
      • Mating Flight Elixir (5ml)
      • Facetted Eye Elixir (5ml)
      • Pollen Basket Elixir (5ml)
      Hive Breathing Air Elixir (5ml)
      • Heaven's Dew Elixir (5ml)
      • Bee Venom Elixir (5ml)

      • Hive Elixir Kit
      • Book "Les Elixirs de la Ruche" by Catherine Flurin

      The marvellous Hive Elixirs

      The 12 Hive Elixirs are high dilutions of energised aqueous infusions of products from the beehive of bio-apitherapy quality. The hive elixirs can be distinguished from the vegetable elixirs and homeopathy thanks to three advantages:
      • Closer to humans, biocompatible by its animal classification (Hymenoptera species), the bee is closer to mankind than plants. The apiary ingredients offer an ideal bioavailability for human beings.
      • Exceptional energising, first carried out in the hive itself, and then reinforced by hand (see below). Actually the hive is a vibratory and energetic with an exceptional intensity. This natural process, exclusive to Ballot-Flurin, helps to avoid the use of alcohol.
      • High flexibility for use. For an increased efficiency the hive elixirs can be used both orally, and in local application on body specific energetic points (solar plexus, stomach…). Alone the elixir Hive Breathing Air is taken by inhalation. Let us underline that the ancientness of the emotional issue to be corrected does not delay the impact of les 12 élixirs de la ruche.

      The Hive elixirs are organically certified, without alcohol, without preservative, without colorings or any synthetic ingredient. They are suitable for everyone, even children from the age of 36 months. 

      Elixirs, a unique energetic know-how


      • Energised high dilution of 100% French beehive products that organically certified and produced through GENTLE beekeeping (Apiculture DOUCE®) with high apitherapy qualities.
      • Harvested in a specialised organic apiary, on a protected site in the heart of the Pyrenees. 
      • Without alcohol, manually made locally. Respect of cosmic rhythms. 
      • Exclusive GENTLE beekeeping methods (Apiculture DOUCE®) fparticular emotional state of the beekeeper, in harmony with the bees.
      • Manual dilution to at least 1/1018 in local spring water. 
      • Active energising in the beehive itself. Final manual energising sheltered from electromagnetic pollutions
      •  Dynamisation finale manuelle à l’abri des pollutions électromagnétiques.
      • Storage of mother tinctures close to active hives.
      • Unique efficiency emotional test on 47 persons and 18 criterion. Patent N° 06 51412.

      Patent N° 06 51412.

      Suitable for children over 36 months. 
      Compatible with any other medication or treatment.

      Harvested and made in France.


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