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      Hopi-Inspired Ear Candle



      An ancient art of internal well-being : the Hopi Indians - Hopi means "peaceful people" - have demonstrated a deep respect for life and their environment that goes back thousands of years. Their philosophy is that "every living being should live in peace and harmony with nature". The modern world is now discovering their innovative therapeutic techniques. Ballot-Flurin Indian ear candles : the elongated cone shape of these 25 cm long candles is designed to create a vortex of fragrant, purifying air in the candle of maximum duration and efficiency. The cotton flannel prevents drips of wax.

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      Bees and worldwide knowledge

      Small-scale production according to Indian Hopi tradition.
      Each candle is hand-made by a Canadian beekeeper, in accordance with the purest Hopi Indian tradition. Production takes place in silence with positive intention, in order to give the wax vibratory properties. The very high quality beeswax comes from bees that forage in areas of organic blueberries in a wild region of Canada. The pure cotton flannel was specially designed by a local Canadian manufacturer.

      Suggested use

      Indian ear candles are not conventional decorative candles.
      They should be used 2-3 times per year.
      Please read the full instructions which are available on request by email from: [email protected]

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