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      Organic Sparkling Mead - Cuvée Acacia 75CL



      This is a double fermented, pet-nat cuvée (primary and secondary/carbonating fermentations). Delicate to taste, this is an easy entry to the world of meads. Light, flower notes blend perfectly into dry, mineral wine flavors, with an effervescent body.

      19.95 EUR


      Honeys used are selected with passion from organic beekeeping in our region. They are never heated or treated before, during, or after fermentation.

      Artisanal batches of 500 liters, zero sulphites, gluten-free, EU Organic and Paleo Certified

      12% - to consume with moderation - alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. 



      Good as aperitif, pairs well with fish, fresh or roasted vegetables, etc.

      Serve chilled at between 2-4°C


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