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      Organic Sparkling Mead - Cuvée Lavande 75CL



      This demi-sec cuvée has undergone a triple fermentation: primary, souring, and secondary/carbonating. The addition of lactobacillus bacteria from bee-fermented pollen add a depth and complexity not found in other traditional meads. A strong floral nose is complimented by a rush of lemon and almonds flavours, with a sourdough finish. 

      24 EUR
      Matières apicoles 100% BIO
      Made in France
      Apiculture douce®


      Honeys used are selected with passion from organic beekeeping in our region. They are never heated or treated before, during, or after fermentation.

      Artisanal batches of 500 liters, zero sulphites, gluten-free, EU Organic and Paleo Certified

      12% - to consume with moderation - alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. 



      Good for aperitif, or pairing with spicy foods (curries, spiced noodle dishes), white meats, etc.
      Serve chilled at around 4-6°C

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