Organic Sparkling Mead 75cl - Cuvée Chataignier


Currently in harvest

This cuvée is a double fermented (primary and secondary/carbonating fermentations) dry mead, made with a honey that elevates more classic notes on the palate despite low residual sugar. The heavy chestnut honey brings elements of dark honey flavour, caramel and herbal notes, while being balanced for drinkability with an addition of softer, lighter honey from the black locust (false acacia) tree. Its unique characteristics allow for a flexibility in service hard to find in wine or beer.


Honeys used are selected with passion from organic beekeeping in our region. They are never heated or treated before, during, or after fermentation.

Artisanal batches of 500 liters, zero sulphites, gluten-free, low sugar (<2g/L), EU Organic and Paleo Certified

12% - to consume with moderation - alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. 



Good for aperitif or digestif, pairing with cheeses, red meats, or desserts

Serve between 2-4°C

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