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      Our Philosophy

      The Ballot-Flurin honey-farm was born in the heart of the Pyrenees, in south-western France, set in beautiful countryside that is full of life and proud of its traditions, a place where bees can be happy.


      Ballot-Flurin guarantees the most natural product possible. Our production of honey as well as apitherapy and apicosmetic preparations are organic and guaranteed GMO free.


      All our products are controlled by Qualité France, the certifying body responsible for respecting the application of the BIO labels.

      Apiculture bio - miel bioAB - National Organic Agriculture Label

      The AB mark is a collective mark of certification, voluntary use and property of the Ministry of Agriculture. It identifies products of agricultural origin intended for human consumption or animal feed that respect, from the producer to the consumer; Organic regulation and control as applied in France, as well as strong traceability requirements. In the case of compound feedingstuffs, the AB mark guarantees a minimum of 95% of products of organic agricultural origin. Read more: Organic agriculture (FR) | The AB brand (FR)


      Apiculture bio - propolis bio

      European Organic Label

      A European organic label has been created on july 1, 2010. The logo is mandatory for food products and food supplements (honeys, extracts of liquid propolis ...). Our health preparations and food supplements are certified organic. In addition to the AB logo, we are gradually putting the European organic logo on our packaging. Read more: The European Union and Organic Agriculture

      cosmetique bio - creme visage bioOrganic and Ecological Cosmetics

      Created in 2002, Cosmebio labels are for cosmetic and hygiene products. They ensure that the products concerned contain mostly organic and natural ingredients. Ingredients from petrochemicals or GMOs are prohibited. These labels also include manufacturing methods and the environment.


      COSMEBIO : It guarantees that 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin (mineral, vegetable and marine), of which 10% minimum (and 95% minimum of the plants) come from organic farming. 100% of our apicosmetic preparations are certified Cosmebio, as well as almost all our hygiene products.
      COSMEBIO ECO : It ensures that 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin (mineral, vegetable and marine), of which 5% minimum (and 50% minimum of the plants) come from organic farming. Four of our products are concerned: 50 and 250ml shower cream, regenerating care shampoo and sanitizing shower shampoo.
      Read more:
      The Professional Association of Ecological and Organic Cosmetics


      Apiculture douce, bio, solidaire et locale


      Organic pioneer in the early 1980s, Ballot-Flurin goes beyond official standards in organic farming and has its own label: Gentle Beekeeping® (Apiculture DOUCE®). Recognized in France and worldwide, our method of beekeeping is unique. Based on the language of bees, it strengthens the official labels in the areas of protection of bees, solidarity and local trade and manufacturing processes.
      100% of our preparations have this logo.