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      Hive Elixirs by Catherine Flurin



      Ce n’est pas tous les jours que des produits de santé totalement innovants, utilisables par tous et d’une innocuité maximale sont proposés au grand public. Heinemann l’a fait en son temps avec l’homéopathie, le docteur Bach également avec les élixirs floraux, dits Fleurs de Bach, Catherine Flurin poursuit dans cette voie aujourd’hui avec les Élixirs de la ruche.

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      It is not everyday that innovative, safe health products are offered to the public. Hahnemann did it in his time with the creation of homeopathy, Dr. Bach as well with his Fleurs de Bach floral elixirs, and now Catherine Flurin has added to this field with the Hive Elixirs.

      The creator

      Keeper of bees since the 1970s and an expert in Apitherapy, Catherine Flurin is intimately familiar with the world of bees and their natural medicine, a older than humanity. Through this book, Catherine Flurin offers to you, be you a novice, user, or prescriber of these hive elixirs, an initiation into the quantum and energetic approach to this subject.


      These energetic remedies interact with the psycho-emotional sphere, as well as on the body in subtle ways. They complete the actions of many bee-made materials and bring welcome aide in many situations, maintaining a balanced and harmonious life..

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