White Heather and Rosemary Honey from Corbières- 125g



Harvested in April from the rosemary and white heather covered hills around Corbières in southern France, this exceptional location allows for a complex and delicious honey. Its fine crystallization is a pleasure on the palette!

Matières apicoles 100% BIO
Made in France
Apiculture douce®
S'emporte partout

Our friends Cédric et Sophia have found an exceptional spot in Corbières that allows for a delicious and complex honey.


Woody • Soft • Vanilla Honey



Certified GENTLE Beekeeping®

Rare and Sustainable Honey

- Produced and harvested in small quantities

- Local partnerships in solidarity with small, independent beekeepers

- Exclusively French and Euro-regional harvest areas.

Care and Goodness for the Bees

- Gentle harvesting methods so as to not stress the hives

- Harvested without chemical aid

- No antibiotics used, hive health maintained through herbal and homeopathic treatments

Harvested at Maturity

- Respect for the fundamental, cosmic rhythms of nature

- Manual seperation and extraction of hive frames

- Unpasteurized honey, never heated above 35°C (natural temperature of the hive)

- Handpackaged at our honey house

- Dynamized Honey : long maceration and manual mixing to subtlely reinforce its original virtues

Photo may not represent the areas mentioned on labels. The geographic origin mentioned on the jars can vary depending on the season, climate, flowering, etc.

FAQ for our Grand Cru Honeys

Tasting Guide

The mix of rosemary and white heather honey creates an utterly unique honey with flavors of herbs, vanilla and caramel. A delicacy!

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