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      Advice for your health


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      This book "Conseils pour la Santé" aims at informing the reader on the main factors of risk menacing your health: alcoholism, tobacco, alimentary, surcharge, stress, overexposure to the sun... Our health is a precious crucial we should preserve and highly depends on ourselves.



      Benefit from Dr. René Flurin's 50 year-long practical medical experience. 

      You will find all the vital advice and information you need to create and enjoy a sound and healthy lifestyle.

      Deals with topics such as diet and nutrition, tobacco, physical exercise and its benefits, respiratory and cardiovascular hygiene, brain hygiene, seniors... 

      Take control of your health! 

      111 pages.

      The Author

      The Dr. René Flurin is Catherine Ballot-Flurin's father. He practiced the profession of otolaryngologist for 40 years in Cauterets, a small renowned spa town of the Pyrenees. This doctor anticipated the current vogue of alternative medicines while caring for his patients throughout his career according to the following grand naturalist principles:
      • Your health depends on yourself.
      • Encourage the use of natural remedies (water, honey, diet, and lifestyle) while avoiding antibiotics.
      • The vital necessity to promote health, of both, the planet and men.

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