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      • Alcohol-Free Propolis Extract

        This alcohol-free propolis extract is a useful multipurpose product designed specifically for the natural health of children (over 36 months), and adults who prefer not to consume alcohol. Seasonal sensitivities (March to September): sensitive throat, drippy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and tiredness. The alcohol-free propolis extract contributes to regulating the body's defences in the event of hypersensitivity to pollens, hay, dust, animal fur and mites. The natural defences of the body: activates, generally fortifies, recommended in the winter season and when practising sports. Mouthwash, ear wash, rinsing out the nose: purifies and moisturises. Ideal to use after having brushed your teeth and when wearing a dental prosthesis. Compatible with the natural flora of the mouth. Healthy care for the auditory and nasal passages.

        Increase the effect of propolis while regulating your emotional reactions with the Bee Venom Elixir.

      • Dodo Syrup with my friend the moon
        An artisanal, organic syrup for restful sleep and calm nerves.
        • 100% organic
        • Soft, soothing formula created specially for children
      • Guardian Angel lozenges
        First cold Sweet throatrnSeasonal changes
      • Guardian Gummy Bears
        Made from organic honey and propolis to sooth sore throats. These fruit flavored bears protect against any malady brought on by cold humidity, winds, frigid nights, winter or seasonal changes.  This apitherapeutic candy comes in 3 delicious flavors to get you through the toughest colds. Perfect for both children and adults.
      • Organic Propolis Alcohol-Free Spray
        Propolis has an action on skin imperfections, on oral hygiene and also activates natural immunity. Our propolis spray is practical, easy to carry around with you and regulates the natural defences, purifies, cleanses and regenerates blemished skin. We make this alcohol-free propolis spray with spring water from the Pyrenees which offers freshness and hydration to your skin at all times.

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