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      Hydromel - La Ruche Ivre

      Our mead is made with the best organic honey of Apiculture Douce® combined with the pure water of the Hautes-Pyrénées, without anything else. No sulfites and uncooked must for a perfectly natural drink.

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      • BIO sparkling mead 25cl - First foraging

        Sparkling, balanced, our first foraging develops vegetal notes.
        The sugars present in honey are converted into alcohol during fermentation.
        Find its subtle floral taste, honey without sugar.
        It is the meeting of the winemaking methods of sparkling wines and mead recipes from the 18th century.

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      • Organic Sparkling Mead - Cuvée Acacia 75CL

        This is a double fermented, pet-nat cuvée (primary and secondary/carbonating fermentations). Delicate to taste, this is an easy entry to the world of meads. Light, flower notes blend perfectly into dry, mineral wine flavors, with an effervescent body.

      • Organic Sparkling Mead - Cuvée Lavande 75CL

        This demi-sec cuvée has undergone a triple fermentation: primary, souring, and secondary/carbonating. The addition of lactobacillus bacteria from bee-fermented pollen add a depth and complexity not found in other traditional meads. A strong floral nose is complimented by a rush of lemon and almonds flavours, with a sourdough finish. 

      • Organic Sparkling Mead 75cl - Cuvée Chataignier

        This cuvée is a double fermented (primary and secondary/carbonating fermentations) dry mead, made with a honey that elevates more classic notes on the palate despite low residual sugar. The heavy chestnut honey brings elements of dark honey flavour, caramel and herbal notes, while being balanced for drinkability with an addition of softer, lighter honey from the black locust (false acacia) tree. Its unique characteristics allow for a flexibility in service hard to find in wine or beer.

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