BIO sparkling mead 25cl - First foraging

Sparkling, balanced, our first foraging develops vegetal notes.
The sugars present in honey are converted into alcohol during fermentation.
Find its subtle floral taste, honey without sugar.
It is the meeting of the winemaking methods of sparkling wines and mead recipes from the 18th century.

Currently in harvest



In Lahitte-Toupière, Hautes-Pyrénées, we carry out all stages of processing by hand, from honey selection to labeling.


500 liters cuvée, 0,0% sulphites, gluten-free, unheated honey, cold ripening, less than 2g of sugar per liter.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.
To consume with moderation.


Honeys assembly selected with passion from organic beekeeping in our region, white wine yeasts (Gewurztraminer type).

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