Healing honey with fresh polyfloral pollen



Physical & Intelectual stimulant: Strengthen your vitality and prepare your organism to physical and intellectual effort. How does it works ? The fresh polyfloral pollen is potted at harvest, fresh polyfloral pollen is best suited to maintain and enhance vitality. Its virtues are optimal. Chestnut honey is rich in minerals, fructose and glucose. Honey is a powerful force that optimises the bioavailability of pollen.

11 EUR
Action douce
Action douce
Matières apicoles 100% BIO
Made in France
Apiculture douce®



- A long-brewing and prolonged maceration energises the preparation and increases its bioavailability.
- Apiarian raw materials harvested in respect of our GENTLE beekeeping charter (Apiculture DOUCE®).
- We carefully select our raw, fresh and pure apiarian ingredients.

Natural colour from the ingredients. No perfume added neither conservative. No test on animals. Made in France.


General Purpose:

Our healing honey and fresh polyfloral pollen preparation is full of powerful revitalising properties: in the case of deficiencies, powerlessness, preparation for physical and intellectual activities. It contributes to the stimulation the memory, regulation of the natural transit and emotional balance. The product is particularly suited for athletes, exam periods, school children, depressed people, seniors, convalescing patients.

Fragile hair and skin:

Hair loss, fragile or breaking nails. Masculine anti-wrinkle treatment.


92% chestnut honey*, 8% fresh pollen*.

* Ingredients from organic farming Certified by Qualité France SAS Le Guillaumet 92046 Paris La Défense Cedex.

125g. Suitable for children over 36 months.

Suitable for children over 36 months.


Recommended for a 21 days cure: In the morning and evening take a ½ teaspoon before your meal. Let melt under your tongue.
Dermal application: apply a spread (3mm layer) over the area to stimulate ( face, skin, nails). Let stand at least 15 minutes. Rinse.
Hair mask : melt ½ teaspoon in a ½ glass of water. Apply on the scalp. Massage and rinse extensively.

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