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      Bee Venom Elixir - 5ml



      I am calm and confront my past. I accept and love myself as I am.

      6.11 EUR
      Matières apicoles 100% BIO
      Made in France
      Apiculture douce®
      S'emporte partout
      Produit dynamisé
      Analyse de cristallisation sensible

      Product description

      Inner Calm - Self-acceptance

      I am calm and confront my past. I accept and love myself as I am. Bee Venom is a powerful anti-stress emergency elixir and stimulates your fundamental survival instinct when confronted with emergency or crisis situations. It helps to get over some life excesses...

      • Protection and positive action, combat panic, stay calm, keep initiative ability :
        – Great and small stress situations : school or professional exams, job interview, driving test, dentist visit, first date, public speeches...
        – Unexpected life events : bad news, argument, loss of a loved one...
        – Subtle aggressions : detect and act against perturbing "soft" situations: depressing job, bad relationships or emotional influences...
        – After the testing event : helps to get over a trauma, an intense fear, a breakdown...
      • Self esteem
        – Helps to fight against some life habits
        – Excess of food, tobacco, alcohol, chronic rashness, hyper activity...

      Catherine advices you : This powerful elixir symbolises self preservation and self respect, by awakening your survival instinct: it releases a healthy energy to react against the unexpected or life's trials. It provides inner clarity that helps to feel better and understand our intimate "inner aggressions": suppressed anger, lingering emotional pain, and aggressive feelings we dare not express openly (how can you resent your children, your parents, your sister, your boss?), but that often turn against ourselves in the shape of physical illnesses, or dangerous or addictive behaviour.
      Observing, understanding and above all accepting that anger or inner frustrations help to feel better and to serenely continue your life's path. The "Bee Venom" elixir is used as a support to anti-tobacco, lighter legs, heart & cholesterol treatments. It is also destined for people with very dry skin or subject to impurities.

      How to use my Hive Elixir ?

      Always keep your elixir at hand for sudden need.
      5 days cure : let 1 drop melt under the tongue in the evening or the morning.
      For a stronger effect, also apply 4 drops on the back of the neck and along the spine.
      Continue the cure if needed.
      Intense emotion, emergency situation: re-apply every 5 hours, up to 5 drops at a time.
      "Bee Venom" can only be taken simultaneously with another Elixir of the Beehive for a stronger effect (for example Wax Cake to resolve conflict, Heaven's Sweat to find your zest for life again, or Breed for family problems).

      Bee venom and its story

      Excerpt from the book by Catherine Flurin "Apitherapy's Benefits" :
      The venom is used worldwide to treat rheumatisms and alleviate pain. Third elixir of the range, "Bee Venom" is highly dilated at 9CH and dynamised, does no longer contain venom molecules, but only its vibratory information for beneficial action at psychological and emotional level. It evokes the bee's great courage and survival abilities that must react and protect the hive when faced with numerous dangers. The elixir "Bee Venom" also enables you to accept and control your own feelings of anger, to progress and awaken to the world.

      More about the Hive Elixirs

      The 12 Hive Elixirs

      Ho to choose my Hive Elixir ?

      Trust you. If you are feeling some confusion for rationally identify the emotions to be treated, you may use the following method: look quietly at the list of les 12 élixirs de la ruche, without calling in your mental. Let an attraction, a sign appear. If you cannot make your choice, trust your intuition: close your eyes and choose the one coming beneath your left forefinger.

      The marvellous Hive Elixirs

      The hive elixirs can be distinguished from the vegetable elixirs and homeopathy thanks to three advantages:

      - Closer to humans, biocompatible
      - By its animal classification (Hymenoptera species), the bee is closer to man than plants. The apiary ingredients offer an ideal bioavailability for human beings.
      - Exceptional potentisation firstly carried out in the hive itself, and then reinforced by hand (see below). Actually the hive is a vibratory and energetic with an exceptional intensity. This natural process, exclusive to Ballot-Flurin, helps to avoid the use of alcohol.
      -High use flexibility. For an increased efficiency the hive elixirs can be used both orally, and in local application on body specific energetic points (solar plexus, stomach…). Alone the elixir Hive Breathing Air is taken by inhalation. Let us underline that the ancientness of the emotional issue to be corrected does not delay the impact of les 12 élixirs de la ruche.

      Studies and proofs

      As far as we know we are the only ones to have carried out a comprehensive scientific study on marketed energetic elixirs, in three parts:

      - Quality of the vibratory rate: the utmost vibratory vitality of our elixirs has been validated by the sensitive crystallization tests, submitted to an outside laboratory*: the photos-tests below of the Venom Elixir show all the organisation strengths which express through the harmony of the image achieved.*Analysis method of the living enabling the visualisation and study of the vibratory and energetic strengths of a food ingredient. Tests carried out by the «Atelier de Cristallisation Sensible" MF Tesson.
      Crystallography and skin tolerance tests
      Sensory tests: Validating the positive emotional action of the elixirs. More than 800 tests carried out under great panel and pharmaceutical control.
      - Proof of its reliability: The exclusive development method of the Hive Elixirs has been registered (Patent Ballot-Flurin n° 06 51412).

      More about the Hive Elixirs


       Alcohol Free Ingrédients : water, wax ray with venom* *Organically sourced ingredient AB – ORGANICALLY SOURCED PRODUCT Certified by Qualité-France SAS – Le Guillaumet – 92046 PARIS LA DÉFENSE CEDEX 1/1018 bio potentized hive product 

      Unique energetic Know-How

      • Highly potentized dilution of noble beekeeping substances, 100% French and certified organic
      • Harvested in a specialised organic beehive located in the micro-terroirs at the heart of the Pyrenees
      • Respect of cosmic rhythms, particular emotional state of the beekeeper, in harmony with the bees
      • High manual dilution at 1/1018 in local spring water
      • Active potentization in the beehive itself
      • Final manual potentization sheltered from electromagnetic pollutions
      • Unique efficiency emotional Test realised on 47 persons and 18 criterion. Patent N° 06 51412.

      5 ml dropper bottle. 0.5fl oz

      Replace the bottle in its packaging after use.
      Internal & External use.
      Compatible with any other medication or treatment.
      Suitable for children over 36 months.
      Alcohol free - Sourced and manufactured in France.


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