Organic Mountain Honey - 500g



Our mountain honey comes from french protected high altitude meadows of wild flowers (marjoram, blueberry, raspberry, thistles, etc...).

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Our mountain honey comes from protected high altitude meadows of wild flowers (marjoram, blueberry, raspberry, thistles, etc...). We harvest our Mountain Honey in july at an altitude of over 1000 m. The geographical origin mentioned on the jars and descriptions of honey may vary depending on the season, transhumance periods, flowering and weather conditions.

Health Benefits of Honey

Produced from generous quantities of nectar from numerous wild plants with recognised benefits for health and well-being, this stimulating honey is very nutritious and restorative; ideal for athletes. In the winter it helps to strengthen the immune system, and its soothing qualities are wonderful for sensitive throats. 
It is exceptionally nutritious, but may still be consumed every day. Delicious on toast. 

Ballot-Flurin's commitments


- Honey harvested and produced in small quantities, like it used to be
- Local, community based network of small independent beekeepers.
- French and Euro-regional harvest area.



- Gentle harvest method that does not stress the bees.
- Harvested without chemical repellents.
- Bees are given plant-based or homeopathic treatments rather than antibiotics.



- Harvested when mature (no dehumidification), respecting the fundamental cosmic rhythms of nature. 
- Manual uncapping using a knife.
- Unpasteurised, not heated above 35°C (95°F) (the hive's natural temperature).
- Placed in jars by hand on site in the honey house.
- Energised honey: long macerations and manual blending that subtly reinforce natural properties.

Taster's comments

With a beautiful golden brown color, this honey is characterised by a full-bodied fragrant flavour, with a marked fruitiness. 
The texture is fine and creamy, and quickly crystallises.

Recognising natural honey

Honey is still liquid at the time of harvest. It crystallises naturally after a certain time, if it is not heated. White blotches may appear on the surface (especially in the winter): this is a sign that your honey is completely pure and natural. Accept them as a guarantee of authenticity!

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