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      Polyfloral Pollen Sticks

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      Polyfloral pollen is rich in proteins, minerals, important trace elements, and vitamins. Fortifying and energizing it is ideal for a quick boost at any moment.

      • non-frozen
      • Versatile protection
      • Easy dosing

      10.69 EUR
      Apiculture DOUCE
      Logo bio européen
      Made in France
      Non congelé
      Format nomade
      Produit dynamisé


      The “veggie steak” of the hive, pollen prepares you for physical and intellectual demands. Equally beneficial for dieting, skin, nail, and hair care. An efficient antioxidant, pollen also helps digestion and the natural bacterial balance of your digestive tract.
      Versatile protection : Physical, emotional, and intellectual stimulant; perfect for low energy and stressful situations (exam time, sports recovery, dieting, etc.)
      Easy to use and carry stick format.


      • « Hydroplus » process: exclusive conservation method inspired by bees, to obtain a soft pollen and preserving its qualities.
      • Energised: Respect of the lunar & planetary calendar, the pollen is stored near the hives.
      • Careful selection of fresh local beekeeping materials presented in their purest form.
      • 100% Organic pollen from local preserved micro–terroirs.
      • Obtained without stressing the bees thanks to our patented pollen trap.
      • Polyfloral pollen: no separation of grains.
      • Highly natural: the pollen is sorted by hand.


      Polyfloral Pollen*.
      *Organically sources ingredients. Certified by Qualité-France SAS - Le Guillaumet 92046 Paris La Défense.

      Nutritional Information per 100g / per 1 stick (6 g) / pour 2 sticks (12 g).

      Energy : 1599 kj - 379 kcal / 96 kj - 23 kcal / 192 kJ - 46 kcal
      Fat : 0g / 0g / 0g dont saturated fatty acids : 0g/ 0g / 0g
      Carbohydrates57 g / 3,4 g / 6,8 sugars : 44 g / 2,6 g / 5,2 g
      Proteins : 17 g / 1 g / 2 g
      Salt : 1,2 g / 0,07 g / 0,14 g
      Fibre : 11 g / 0,6 g / 1,2 g
      Manganèse (% RDA*) : 5,6 mg (280%) / 0,34 mg (16,80%) / 0,68 mg (33,60%)
      *Recommended daily allowance

      • Box 126g
      • Box contains 21 sticks (6g per stick) (seulement 22.8 kcal/stick)

      Suggested Use

      Take 1 to 2 sticks per day pure or mixed. Can be mixed with a spoonful of honey or diluted in some fruit juice to facilitate its absorption. 
      Ideally, place it in some water the evening before and take it the next morning with some fruit juice.

      Intense tiredness, active life:

      Consume pure when you feel like you have a loss of form, or during exam periods, sports recovery, diet, gardening... To increase effectiveness, chew well before swallowing. We recommend a 21-day cure during seasonal changes.

      Interior well-being:

      Should you wish to act on an emotional level (strength, courage, willpower)? Also, take the Elixir Pollen Basket.

      Store at room temperature.

      Dietary supplement. To be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy life.

      Net Weight : 126g

      Contenu : 21 x 6g sticks (22.8 kcal/stick)

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