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      French Black Propolis Extract - 100%



      A powerful multi-purpose care product for an enhanced natural protection of your body. The high concentration of black propolis extract promotes a fast action, and activates your natural defences, fortifies your body while helping it to re-establish its equilibrium in a durable way.

      For adults only.

      13.23 EUR
      Action forte
      Matières apicoles 100% BIO
      Made in France
      Apiculture douce®



      - Potentised French black propolis certified 100% organic, originating from our beehives and local "micro-terroirs."
      - Created and dynamised on site in the countryside with "low-tech" procedures for soft extraction, non-polluting.
      - Apiculture Douce® (Gentle Beekeeping) harvesting guarantees the biological and vibratory quality of this extract.

      The 15ml bottle contains 652 drops.

      A powerful action originating from the black propolis is ideal for the following conditions:

      - Body's natural defences challenged by severe conditions: extreme cold, stress, active life, preparation, and support for sports activities.

      - Seasonal hypersensitivities (March to September): a sore throat, runny eyes, and nose, sneezing, difficulty breathing, fatigue. Our black propolis extract will help regulate the body's defences. 

      - Gum and mouth irritations: propolis purifies and protects. Can be applied directly to the mucous membranes and gums. This propolis extract respects the mouth's natural flora.

      - Winter season: Propolis is particularly recommended during cold weather. 



      Black Propolis extract* 100 % – Alc*: 81 % vol.

      Propolis extract prepared with 57g of French organic propolis* for 100g of alcohol* (grape-wheat spirit).

      *Organic ingredients. Certified by Qualité-France SAS - Paris

      15ml dropper bottle.


      Internal use: since this preparation is very concentrated, 1 to 2 drops per day in the morning or the evening are sufficient in a recommended treatment period of 21 days. Can be consumed pure or mixed with a spoonful of honey or diluted with a bit of water. For the optimum bio-energetic effect, place under the tongue for a moment.

      Local use: using a cotton Q-tip or the tip of your finger, apply a single drop to the area concerned. Repeat the application three times a day if necessary.

      For adult use only.

      If you prefer a spray application, see the Black propolis spray 100%. Do not apply in the nose. Keep away from children. For children over the ages of 36 months, we recommend the alcohol-free propolis extract. 

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