Pyrenees Protective Gums



Throat Protected - Voice preserved

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BEES & HEALTH Family Range - French Organic Product

Concentrated formula for a quick soothing effect.

Hypersensitivity - Cold season: soothes your throat from the first discomfort, in difficult environments: pollution, stress, tobacco, air-conditioning and seasonal changes.
For more intense action, use the Emergency Nomadic Spray.

Preserved voice, purified breath: cleanses and purifies daily. For more intense effects, use the Smile spray.

Suitable for children over 36 months.

An exceptional quality

  • 100% organic ingredients 
  • Enriched with black propolis (8 %)
  • Honey and 3 local plants for a cleansing, purifying and revitalising action.
  • Real arabic gum
  • No added sugar (contains naturally present sugars)
  • Home-made production limited to 1666 units/month 
  • Guaranteed preparation without colorants or conservatives



Acacia gum *, French Pyrenees honey *, wheat syrup *, black propolis extract* (8%), plant extracts: thymus vulgaris* (0.33%), blackberry bramble* (0, 33%), eucalyptus * (0.33%).

*Organically sourced ingredients.

Controlled production method. Characteristics certified by BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION 92046 PARIS LA DÉFENSE.

30g box.

Suggested use

Immediately soothing : suck up to 4 to 5 gums a day.

Place a gum under your tongue and then suck it for a long time for a stronger bio-energising effect.

Preventive: suck up to 3 to 4 gums a day in a 6 days cure.

For children: halve the doses.

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