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      TONIFYING CURE: stimulation and focusing

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      Tonus and vitality

      Product Description

      1 - Propolis and grapefruit syrup (1x100ml glass bottle): A well-balanced biocomplex of honey, propolis and grapefruit extract, tonify and invigorate, thus helping to fight the damaging effects of cold, pollution and stress.

      2 - Miel de cure ® (Healing honey) : Hautes-Pyrénées honey & Royal Jelly (1x125g jar): get the deep and lasting synergistic action of Royal jelly energising properties associated to remineralising effects of High Pyrénées honey. Very tasty, it allows a long shelf life at room temperature.


      Sirop fortifiant et tonique

      Miel d'acacia 44%*, sirop de blé*, jus de pamplemousse 7%*, extrait de propolis 3%*, huile essentielle de pamplemousse 0,06%*. Alcool 1,7% vol. 
      *Ingrédients issus de l'agriculture biologique. Certifié par Qualité-France SAS - Le Guillaumet 92046 Paris La Défense. Certifié par Qualité-France SAS - FR BIO-10 

      Préparation dynamisée à la Gelée Royale Française Bio

      Eau de source de la Roche des Écrins, miel d'acacia de la forêt de Rajat*, gelée royale française dynamisée*. Sans alcool, ni conservateur, ni colorant
      *Ingrédients issus de l'agriculture biologique. Certifié par Qualité-France SAS - FR BIO-10 Union Européenne

      Suggested use

      Good for children and Good for children and adolescents (school, examination) but also for the adults down tone in need to stimulate their intellectual form.

      Recommended duration of 20 days.

      Our advices :

      Young people under 18 years: take the morning before breakfast 1 ampoule of royal jelly and 1/2 c. coffee syrup.

      Adults: double the dose

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