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      Energised organic preparation : the four forces of our hives and rosehip



      Physical energy & Intellectual. Food supplement

      18.93 EUR
      100% actifs naturels
      Matières apicoles 100% BIO
      Made in France
      Apiculture douce®

      Product Description

      BEES & HEALTH Family range

      Recommended use:
      Strength and vitality, physical and mental stamina: preparation for physical and mental activity.
      Stimulates memory and has a subtle effect on emotions. Beneficial during seasonal changes or exams.

      Suitable for the whole family: for people who are tired, stressed, elderly or athletic, and for children in growth periods.

      Your guarantee:

      • 100% organic raw materials from beehives located in local micro-regions
      • Respect of lunar & planetary calendar
      • Propolis: white variety (Pyrenees)
      • Royal jelly: natural breeding, selection and preservation of queens
      • No centrifugation or freezing
      • Pollen: nutrient-rich multi-floral variety obtained without stressing the bees
      • Honey: collected when fully mature
      • Manual uncapping using a knife
      • Small batches limited to 500 units/month.

      Natural smell from the ingredients - No alcohol, conservatives neither colorants - No added fructose

      Your guarantee :

      • A long-brewing and prolonged maceration boost preparedness and increase its bioavailability
      • Raw Bee harvested by our charter Apiculture DOUCEÂź (gentle Beekeeping)
      • Careful selection of raw fresh and pure bee
      • Handmade limited to 1666 units per month.

      Natural colour from the ingredients - No parfum added neither conservative - No test on animals.
      Made in France.


      Spring water from "la Roche des Écrins", PyrĂ©nĂ©es honey*, rosehip purĂ©e*, french black propolis extract* (wheat-alcohol*, propolis*), Estremadura polyfloral pollen *, french royal jelly*.

      *Organically sourced ingredients.
      Certified by Qualité-France SAS - FR BIO-10 Union Européenne Box contains 10 glass ampoules. 10ml/ampoule.

      • Natural smell from the ingredients
      • No alcohol, conservatives neither colorants
      • No added fructose
      • Natural colour from the ingredients.
      • No parfum added neither conservative.
      • No test on animals.
      • Made in France



      Suggested use

      10 day cure: one ampoule per day in the morning on an empty stomach for a beneficial effect. Shake before opening. Drink slowly, allow each sip to mix with saliva under the tongue before swallowing.
      Double the dose if already suffering.

      Daily dose: One 10 ml ampoule per day provides 4000 mg of honey, 2000 mg rosehip purée, 100 mg organic black propolis extract, 50 mg organic pollen, 40 mg organic royal jelly.

      Take in conjunction with a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
      Respect the indicated daily dose.
      Food supplement.
      Store at ambiant temperature.

      Suitable for the children over 36 months under an adult supervision.

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