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      Organic Black Propolis Spray



      A powerful, organic multi-purpose cure for enhanced natural protection against illness, infection, and health other problems. The high concentration of polyphenols and antioxidants in black propolis allows for fast reinforcement of your natural defences, fortifying your body and helping re-establish a healthy internal balance. The spray format allows for easy portability and use. 

      Contains alcohol, for adults only.

      13.23 EUR
      Action intense et rapide
      Matières apicoles 100% BIO
      Made in France
      Apiculture douce®
      S'emporte partout

      Additional Information


      - 100% organic French black propolis, originating from specialized beehives placed in micro-terroirs chosen for their high ecological standards.
      - Apiculture Douce® (Gentle Beekeeping) harvesting techniques guarantee the natural and sustainable quality of this extract.


      - Reinforcement of the immune system: fortifies your natural defences, strengthens and invigorates the body.

      - Oral discomfort: heals sores and sensitivities in the mouth with direct application. 

      - Aggressed skin: soothes, cleans and regenerates skin after cuts, scrapes, acne or chafing.

      For skin imperfections, you can also use the Alcohol-free Propolis Spray.

      Preparation guaranteed without additives and preservatives. No testing on animals at any stage.

      Internal use recommended for adults only


      Cognac*, Propolis* 

      This product is a pure propolis extract prepared with 57g propolis per 100g of organic French cognac (grape-wheat white spirit).

      *Certified organic ingredients.
      Controlled production method. Organic certified by BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION - 92046 LA DÉFENSE, PARIS.

      Glass bottle 15ml, spray pump.

      For adult use only. 

      Suggested Use

      21 Day Cure:

      For efficient reinforcement against illnesses:
      1 to 3 sprays per day for a duration during 21 days.

      Topical Use:

      Oral problems: 1 spray directly on the affected area. Reapply up to 3 times a day for up to 5 days, if required.

      Skin application: 1 spray directly on the affected area. Renew up to 3 times a day and up to 3 days, if necessary.
      For healing and protective action, preferably spray on in the evening (the skin and mucous membranes regenerate during the night). Propolis temporarily makes the skin brown.


      This is a highly concentrated product, 1 to 3 applications per day will be sufficient.

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