Tonic Friction



Stimulating and soothing.

This propolis tonic friction soothes, energises and relieves heavy-feeling legs from stiffness or tired muscles. This lotion stimulates, prepares and warms up before and after exercise. It is ideal for physical activities, busy days and preserves sensitive areas. Its cooling effect and natural invigorating scent soothe and stimulate you.

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Exceptional Quality

  • Our propolis is known to be one of the most active in the world and has been the subject of scientific publications (in collaboration with the University of Angers) 
  • High concentration in protected active ingredients: extraction and production with gentle, non-polluting processes in our honey laboratory in the midst of the bees
  • Energised product.
  • Local and European solidary network
  • GENTLE Beekeeping (Apiculture DOUCE®) strengthens the organic standards, the fight against the disappearance of bees, ensure their welfare, protection of their territories.



Principal active ingredients

Made locally in the Pyrénées, this body lotion was inspired from an ancient natural formulation and is rich in natural active ingredients and traditionally recognised for their virtues on the joint and muscle comfort synergetic action:

black propolis extract* essential oils of rosemary*, Scots pine*, peppermint* and laurel*.

*Organically sourced ingredients. 
Organic cosmetic product : 100 %



For physical activities, busy days and also preserving sensitive areas.

Pour in the palm of your hand and rub vigorously on sensitive areas until completely absorbed. Prompt action. Penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film. Dermatologically tested.

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