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      Raw Propolis



      Grand Cru local pure and fresh propolis. We harvest ou organically certified, GOLD propolis according to GENTLE beekeeping (Apiculture DOUCE®), an exclusive harvesting method developed by Catherine Flurin. This premium quality "Grand Cru" pure propolis is presented ready for consumption, in its original natural form, just as produced by the bees and without human intervention.

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      GOLD propolis' outstanding qualities:

      • From bees reared according to GENTLE beekeeping (Apiculture DOUCE®), a unique method founded on the fine perception of bee behaviour and ensures their profound well-being. 
      • Noble typed origin: produced in a specialised apiary in the woods and around the Pyrenees, a micro-terroir swarming with millennia medicinal plant species for a more active propolis.
      • Intense purity: the gentle exclusive process maintains a reserved space above the hive, the bees fill it with fresh and very dense propolis. Naturally devoid of foreign bodies as a result of gentle methods, it is guaranteed without residue bee treatment or paint chips or mould.
      • Exceptionally fresh: GOLD Propolis is only a week old at the time of harvest.
      • Gentle harvesting method, without forcing or compelling the bees. A part of the propolis is left in place so that the bees can protect themselves naturally from infections. If necessary, we treat the bees with homoeopathy, essential oils or plants.
      • Very few manipulations: extracted by hand, no freezing or subject to any mechanical or thermal process. Other propolis preparations: propolis extracts or sprays with or without alcohol, gingival massage paste, Miel de cure® Honey and propolis preparation...



      - For vitality and general protection: stimulation of the body's defences.
      Oral care, sensitive teeth, cleansing the gums and tongue.
      Protection of the throat and vocal cords.
      Skin protection (traditionally used on warts).

      What is propolis?

      The term propolis stands for "In front of the city" in Greek. The bees produce propolis mainly from a complex mixture of plant resins secreted by the bees and bark of certain plants. It is the bees' natural antibiotic. They use it as a protective layer against microbial or fungal invasions. Bees also use propolis as a coating to varnish the interior surfaces of the hive to ensure sealing and robustness.



      *Products of organic farming.

      No additives or active synthesis.


      Recommended daily dose

      Adult: a half a gramm per dose 1 to 4 times a day.
      Children over the age of 7 (under adult supervision): a half a gramm per dose 1 to 2 times a day.

      Concentrated propolis to suck : wash your hands, cut a small piece of propolis depending on the recommended amount (comes with instructions). Place it on your tongue. Salivate well, without chewing. The piece of propolis will soften. Melt it by sucking and swallowing saliva regularly. Finally, swallow or spit it out.


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