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      Raw Propolis



      Raw, fresh and local propolis, for oral use. We collect our organically certified Gold Propolis in accordance with Gentle Beekeeping, an exclusive harvesting method developed by Catherine Flurin. This premium quality “Grand Cru” pure propolis is ready for consumption in its original form, as produced by bees and without human transformation.

      22 EUR

      General advice

      Vitality and protection : stimulation of natural defences
      At moments of seasonal vulnerability, suck on a half gram of propolis two times a day, for a period of 5 days

      Mouthcare : antiseptic, soothing, and healing
      Take a half gram of propolis 4 times a day. If necessary, follow with mouth wash, or consult your doctor

      Sensitive teeth : soothing
      Take a piece of propolis, wet it with saliva then place it on the sensitive tooth for the longest time possible. Do this until a difference is felt, if not consult a dentist

      Gum and tongue care : antispetic and soothing
      After each meal, take a half gram of propolis and keep it as long as possible on your tongue. Follow with Gingival Massage Paste

      Reinforcement of immune system : Taken a decoction, it purifies the body and cleans the ambient air

      For fresh breath : Antiseptic
      Take a half gram of propolis 3 times a day, for a 3 day period. Repeat if necessary

      Throat protection : soothing, antiseptic, stimulation of natural defences
      Take a half gram of propolis and keep it on your tongue as long as possible. Use, if possible, with a spoonful of mountain honey

      Voice and vocal cords : soothing, tonifying
      Drink a big glass of warm water with a spoonful of honey and the juice of half a lemon. Follow with a half gram of propolis, kept on the tongue as long as possible

      Skin (Warts) : Beekeepers of yesteryear had a tradition of keeping softened propolis on their skin, in case of warts

      What is propolis?

      The word propolis means, in original Greek, “before the city”, signifying its protective attributes. Bees make it by using specific plant resins secreted by blossoms and barks of certain plants. It is the natural antibiotic of the bees. They use it as a protective coating against microbial and fungal invaders. It is also used to coat the interior surfaces of the hive, to ensure it is completely sealed off from the outside environment.



      *Products of organic farming.

      No additives or active synthesis.

      Recommended Use

      General protection and vitality, stimulation of natural defences (mouthcare, sensitive teeth, gum and tongue care, breath freshening, throat protection, voice and vocal cordes, warts). Can be applied to skin problems as part of a compress.

      • For vitality and general protection: stimulation of the body's defences.
      • Oral care, sensitive teeth, cleansing the gums and tongue.
      • Protection of the throat and vocal cords.
      • Skin protection (traditionally used on warts).

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