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      Healing Honey with organic royal jelly



      Deep and lasting action. The Royal jelly and honey act in synergy for a profound action. This healing honey combines the revitalising properties of royal jelly associated to remineralising effects of honey. Highly rich in energised active principals. The honey allows the optimisation of the assimilation of royal jelly. Our preparation has a wonderful taste and has a long conservation at room temperature. 

      18.93 EUR
      Action douce
      Matières apicoles 100% BIO
      Made in France
      Apiculture douce®

      Product Description

      How does it work?

      Our healing honey with organic royal jelly contains a precise dose of royal jelly. This preparation is inspired by the mixture prepared by the nurse bees to feed to the larvas and the queen bee. Our honey and royal jelly mixture goes through long-stirring and process to maximise the assimilation by the body and enable a better conservation at room temperature. With a tremendous wealth of active energised ingredients, Royal Jelly is a powerful energiser. Honey from the High-Pyrenees is a powerful remineralising that maximises the assimilation of royal jelly. Tasty, it allows a long shelf life at room temperature.

      Oral route: Powerful revitalising properties, protection of the organism, boosts of vital energy as well as memory. Prevention of premature ageing. Beneficial for menopause, emotional balance, quality sleep and sexual vitality. 

      Cutaneous use: rejuvenating and lifting effect, natural anti-aging.

      An exceptional quality

      - A long-stirring and prolonged maceration boosts the preparation and increases its bioavailability
      - Raw beekeeping harvested according to our charter Apiculture DOUCE® (Gentle Beekeeping)
      - Careful selection of fresh and pure apiarian ingredients 

      Convenient for tired, stressed, convalescent people... from children to seniors. 


      98% Organic Honey*, 2% (2500mg) Organic Royal Jelly*.

      *Organically sourced ingredients. Certified by FR BIO-10.


      Suitable for the children over 36 months under an adult supervision. Natural colour from the ingredients. No preservatives.

      Suggested use

      Recommended for a 21 days cure.

      Recommended use

      • Oral route: take a ½ teaspoon before meals in the morning and evening. Let melt under your tongue.
      • Anti-aging facial mask: apply a thin 3 mm layer on your skin. Let stand at least 15 minutes. Rince with warm water.
      • Compress: apply to the solar plexus (or other energy points along the body depending on the desired effect) a small amount of the preparation with a compress. Let stand overnight.
      • Bath: calming and regenerative effect, add 1 teaspoon to the bath water.


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